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Love Limbs Limitations

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Love Your Limbs Limitations defines limb as “the expanded portion of an organ or structure” and here we will look at how the media structure teaches us that our Limbs have the capacity to be “perfect”.

Media teaches us what is “normal” based on limitless possibilities created by technology and digital graphics that mask the truth of the human body. We would like to suggest to you that loving your limbs limitations create limitless possibilities.

We would like to challenge you to think of the ways that you may limit yourselves by trying to force your body to fit (be pressured, oppressed) into a version of a structure not created by you. We would like to encourage you to embrace your limbs limitations (period). Stop there. Do not let someone tell you that you have to go further, stretch further, be better based on their version or standard for you. Just accept your limbs limitations.

YogaForAllSizesLimiting Limbs of your Body

Limitations of the body can make us feel frustratingly inadequate. My body will not do certain yoga poses, but instead of quitting I have learned all the different types of yoga. The yoga bodies shown in the media are not the only bodies who can practice.  The notions perpetuated by the media that I am too fat, scared, tight, out of shape or not brave enough to practice yoga still have not discouraged me to practice yoga within my own limbs limitations. These judgments are not unusual for any group exercise class and why — as a fat person — I always avoided them.

I credit my shift in understanding of group exercise to someone that I call “Darling Darla.”  Darla Farfard was my cherished exercise coach, she is the owner of Lifestyle Fitness in Wind Gap, PA and one of the primary people I completely trust. Darla taught me to listen to my body whenever I go to a group class and not to push it beyond its own limits.  It doesn’t matter what another person’s limits are — they have a completely different experience and body than mine.

Consider Capitalizing on the so-called Limitations of your Limbs and see them as unique differences, a niche market to Focus and create Limitless Possibilities!

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