Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Announcing Binge Eating Disorder Week, May 27-31



These are the words with which I open an article I wrote explaining binge eating disorder (BED), as part of the upcoming BED week, May 27-31.

These words describe the difficult feelings that plague those who struggle with BED.  And the feelings can go much deeper than that, to increase risk for depression and even suicide.

BED is the most common eating disorder, afflicting over 80 million in the US alone.  And that’s just the diagnosed cases.  So many people who struggle with BED don’t realize the problem; instead they think they are weak-willed, unable to control themselves, or otherwise inadequate.

That’s hardly the case.  Indeed, one of the reasons that so many suffer with BED is because of dieting.  It takes incredible will to follow a diet, ignoring what is in part your body’s survival mechanisms that evolved over time to ensure survival of the human race.  That is no small matter!  Yet many (most?) people with BED diet over and over again, only to find in the long run that they just can’t do it.  Few of us (any?) really can and stay healthy.

BED Week coincides with the release of the DSM-5, which is the first official recognition of BED as an eating disorder.  Leading minds, activists and practitioners in the field will contribute.  And the week is sponsored by leading organizations that know the importance of getting the word out about this devastating problem.

Read more about plans for the week at BingeBehavior.com.  And plan to join in the conversation at Binge Eating Disorder Week on Facebook.

For all you Twitterites out there, join in the convo with these hashtags:


And mark your calendars now for the Tweetchat on Wednesday, May 29, for 12:00 – 1:00 (hashtag #BEDCHAT).

See you there!

Marsha Hudnall, MS, RD, CD, is the president and co-owner of Green Mountain at Fox Run, a pioneering healthy weight retreat for women.  For over four decades, Green Mountain has offered compassionate and effective treatment for women who binge eat.

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