Friday, March 5, 2021

Low-Fat Love 101: Art and Ego

Recently I was doing an interview about my new book, Fiction as Research Practice, and I was asked a question that made me pause. We were talking about the arts, writing and challenges publishing when the interviewer asked: what role do you think ego plays in the life of a writer? The question came on […]

Lessons Learned From Zach Sobiech

As you know, I love sharing stories of people who have impacted my journey. I was saddened to find out that a beautiful soul, Zach Sobiech, lost his battle to cancer earlier this week. Zach was only 18 years old when he died but in his short time he embraced life to the fullest. His […]

Dress Shopping is an Exercise in Loving My Body

A few years ago I was shopping at a cute, trendy boutique with some friends.  As we were rifling through the racks I spotted a sweet red dress, a halter that was short and flowy.  As I picked it up my eyes went to the top of the dress, the part where there were two […]

Love Limbs Limitations

May 23, 2013 by  
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Love Your Limbs Limitations defines limb as “the expanded portion of an organ or structure” and here we will look at how the media structure teaches us that our Limbs have the capacity to be “perfect”. Media teaches us what is “normal” based on limitless possibilities created by technology and digital graphics that mask […]

BODY EMPOWERMENT – “SELF Acceptance and Recovery’s Ebb & Flow”

As part of the weekly Wednesday posting of my ongoing YouTube series “Body Empowerment,” here’s “SELF Acceptance and Recovery’s Ebb & Flow” originally posted October 15, 2012, on by Caroline Rothstein. In this video, Caroline responds to a viewers question about  how one accepts one’s SELF, as opposed to their physical body, and how to deal with […]

Finding Body Image Freedom

Reprinted from my book, Healthy Selfitude Most of us have little things we hold onto that help us feel confident or sexy, more worthy or desirable.  For me, I was absolutely “addicted” to wearing toenail polish.  Silly as it may sound, I actually had developed a kind of irrational co-dependency on fancifully colored toenails.  So in […]

Why recover from BED? Why struggle to give up comfort?

May 20, 2013 by  
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You know how the insistent urge to binge takes over your mind and body.  It seems like the only action you can take to get away from unbearable anguish. Yet with recovery you have an opportunity door in your future, waiting to be opened.

Announcing Binge Eating Disorder Week, May 27-31

Hopeless…desperate…defeated…disgusted…guilty…ashamed These are the words with which I open an article I wrote explaining binge eating disorder (BED), as part of the upcoming BED week, May 27-31. These words describe the difficult feelings that plague those who struggle with BED.  And the feelings can go much deeper than that, to increase risk for depression and […]

Being a Critical Consumer of Social Media: my imperfect birth story

My daughter is sleeping, one of her sporadic 2-3 hour breaks between diapers, feeding, crying, rocking and snuggling. I became a mother three weeks ago and I must say it has not been what I expected. I wanted to write a little about some things I have learned, or more accurately re-learned, during the last […]


As part of the weekly Wednesday posting of my ongoing YouTube series “Body Empowerment,” here’s “The Movement (Body Empowerment 67)” originally posted October 1, 2012, on by Caroline Rothstein. In this video, Caroline ignites action for the movement that is eating disorder awareness, prevention, and recovery. About BODY EMPOWERMENT: Founded in 2008, “Body Empowerment” is hosted and […]

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