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Bodies Die But Connect Spirits Forever

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Bodies Connect Spirits

My birthday has never been celebrated in the traditional sense because there was always a Lent and Easter celebration. I suppose as a child I felt left out but as an adult my birthday is meaningful in a non traditional way. A long time ago I started a tradition of giving my mother a gift for giving birth to me. Unfortunately, January 16, 2011 pancreatic cancer ate away every ounce of fat on her body, the same fat that I watched her fight using what I now know as restrictive and disordered eating practices to keep off. As she was dying, my missing was to get her to eat, how ironic.

I was devastated and moved to Ohio shortly after and remember walking around the apartment proclaiming “Everybody Dies” over and over again. My husband was not sure of what to make of it and neither was I until now. It is true. EveryBODY dies! My mother died, I will die, you will die and there is nothing we can do about it except to face our own physical mortality. But what is more important is to acknowledge that being consumed by the physical body can lead to the death of the spiritual body which lasts forever long before the material bodies death.

Death is for the material body. This fat body made of muscle mass, and skeletal bone structure with a brain and all the other essential organs and spine to align it all will one day fail and fade away. But our thinking, our thoughts, conscious life or spirit is the real deal, he real self, the real you and me, the one that never leaves and never dies as long as there is some remembrance of that person. Someone left to tell their story maybe in a book like the spiritual ones we read, or a blog and narrative of some kind.

Our real, true selves, our spiritual selves are carried inside a material body that connects us to each other in this material world. Our material physical bodies connect to move in the world and have so many different roles in this life. We have different skin, age, abilities, geographic locations, gender identities, genetic makeup and have babies. Wayne Dyer says “Life is a sexually transmitted Terminal Disease” because everyBODY dies. But the spiritual connection is what binds us.

Media teaches us what a material body should look like. Cultural critic bell hooks calls this the “re-created, re-imagined, re-invented, imitation of life”. Our bodies images have been taught to use in many ways but one powerful influence is that of images saturated by media products into collective consciousness depending on your specific space and geographic location during a particular historical and cultural period. The exposure is so great that even one that is aware of the operation at the conscious level must acknowledge some damage at the unconscious level by merely being human. To combat the saturation of the negative images we must saturate the media with positive ones to think about. We must saturate and educate media with the truth about its messages and what they do to all humans.

We are the real deal and so are you. Happy Birthday to me mommie!

Professor GAL’s NORMAL Purpose is Namaste: Dr. Mensah, PhD

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shutterstock 72605074

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