Wednesday, January 27, 2021

BODY EMPOWERMENT – “Government & Weight Stigma”

BODYEMPOWERMENT_LOGOREVAs part of the weekly Wednesday posting of my ongoing YouTube series “Body Empowerment,” here’s “Government & Weight Stigma” originally posted May 7, 2012, on by Caroline Rothstein. This video responds to a viewer’s question about government pressures to be thin. The viewer asked, “…With BMI Charts and ‘fat’ labels everywhere and being overweight, I find it really feeds into my eating disorder and makes it harder to justify recovery to myself. What are your thoughts and opinions on this? Do you have any advice on how to cope when it’s such a trigger and pressure?”

Check out what Caroline had to say!


Founded in 2008, “Body Empowerment” is hosted and produced by NYC-based writer, performer, and eating disorder recovery advocate Caroline Rothstein. In an effort to promote eating disorder awareness, prevention, and recovery, as well as promote positive body image worldwide, Caroline shares her own recovery stories – both the challenges and triumphs – as well as the ways in which we can empower our bodies and selves on emotional and mental levels.

New episodes air on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month. Caroline welcomes and encourages viewer comments, questions, and video topic requests.

Join the conversation and dialogue – and more importantly, the BODY EMPOWERMENT movement!

Spread the word – we all deserve a lifetime of empowerment!


One Response to “BODY EMPOWERMENT – “Government & Weight Stigma””
  1. Carrie says:

    I don’t think the government (or media) is trying to “feed into” anyones eating disorder – their aims are much larger than that. And I also don’t think that changing the government (or media) is the answer. You have to protect yourself, not try to change the whole world to suit you. It’s all about the individual, just as Caroline said, building a sense of self that is impenetrable to outside forces. Everyone has triggers – they could be seeing makeup ads, or seeing violence on TV, or any number of things. At the beginning, you avoid them, to let yourself not be triggered for awhile while you grow stronger. Then you slowly let them in again, and make sure you are responding (in your head) to them in an appropriate way. It’s so hard, but so worth the work!

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