Friday, November 27, 2020

New Program to Educate Coaches and Trainers About Disordered Eating, Exercise Addiction and Optimal Health

ThinkEatPlayNORMAL is proud to announce our collaboration with Harvard School of Public Health STRIPED program in creating the Think.Eat.Play program to educate coaches and trainers about optimal health for female athletes.  Think.Eat.Play will raise awareness about healthy body image, stress-management, disordered eating, eating disorders, exercise addiction, female athlete triad, effective sport’s nutrition and the dangers of dieting.  Read more about the collaboration, here.

By collaborating with, training and assisting middle school and high school athletic coaches, health teachers and school clinicians, Think.Eat.Play. will offer resources, films, online tools and live seminars to help female athletes to:


Think … Strong:

Female athletes are 33% more likely than males to experience anxiety, eating disorders, depression and sleep problems.



Eat … Well:

1/3 of high school athletes have some form of disordered eating which includes dieting and food restriction.EatWell



Play … Hard:

PlayHard22% of high school athletes have low bone mass, which increases risk for stress fractures



For free resources, visit

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