Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Caregiving Someone With An Eating Disorder?

Or do you know someone who is a caregiving a person with an eating disorder? What do you notice about how challenging this situation is? Are you, the caregiver, getting worn out?

Becky Henry leading caregiver retreats!

Becky Henry leading caregiver retreats!

As a professional certified coach I realized early on that coaching people in groups in peaceful settings was a really fun and effective way for people to get unstuck and create forward movement in their lives. I had a ball doing those retreats with women business owners and women in transition. Have you experienced a retreat? If so, feel free to share what it did for you.

Then, 10 years ago (after becoming a parent of a child with an eating disorder myself) I began coaching parents/caregivers of those with eating disorders and sharing resources, tools, skills and encouragement to keep on supporting their loved one in fighting these devastating illnesses. I do this with caregiver conference call classes, individual coaching on the phone, my book; Just Tell Her To Stop: Family Stories of Eating Disorders as well as daily online support on my social media and the speaking I do for associations.


Hope Network, LLC Celebrates 10th anniversary!

Finally I’m adding the icing on the cake! Given that this year is the 10th anniversary of the year I started Hope Network, I think a celebration cake is in order! I’ve missed doing the retreats and now things are coming full circle. This fall I’ll be hosting the first of many caregiver retreats. And caregivers are invited (well, only 16 of you for this one)! We’ll have our flyer ready next week.

I’ve heard from many parents over these past 10 years how tired, hopeless, helpless and defeated you feel. I’m excited to help get these cups filled back up so you can continue on in helping those you love to FULLY recover from eating disorders.  When you get a breather do you notice you have more energy to go another round with Ed (the eating disorder) who has taken over your child?

To create the most enjoyable, helpful and realistic experience my dear friend and colleague, Gabriele Pfister Matthewman of Kirala-Pfister Foundation is conducting a very short survey about Parent/Caregiver retreats. Your opinions are welcome here. Please take a moment to answer 3 short questions.

Feel free to share this and email me if you would like to ask questions or share input. Joy truly is possible and so is full recovery from eating disorders.


Becky Henry

Hope Network, LLC

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