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Top 10 Reasons Why Women Lose Hair

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 This Guest Post graciously submitted by Sarika Periwal.

Summary – Women can find hair loss traumatic, which makes it imperative to find out the root cause of the problem. Are hereditary factors behind the hair loss? Is it a medical condition or eating disorder that is causing the hair to fall out? Did you know certain cosmetic procedures and hair styles could also contribute to hair loss in women? Read on to find out why women lose hair.

For a woman, losing hair can be traumatic – it can impact her sense of self, her confidence and more. Not only that, hair is an indicator of health; good or bad. So there are many reasons to try and pinpoint why a woman loses hair – either to reverse the hair loss or to correct a potentially serious underlying health issue.

  1. Genetics are as responsible for hair loss in women as they are in men. Female pattern baldness doesn’t follow a pattern the way that male pattern baldness does. It is a diffuse, all over type of hair loss that may not be detected until it is quite advanced. So in many cases, female hair loss may be of a hereditary nature and your close female relatives are an indication of whether you will suffer the same fate.
  2. Age can cause a type of hair loss called Involutional Alopecia. This simply means that the rate of growth slows down and that the hair becomes sparser and shorter among older women.
  3. Anemia is another common cause for hair loss in women; a condition far more common among women than men. Anemia and other nutritional deficiencies could mean that there is simply not enough nourishment reaching the hair. This either slows down growth or causes the hair to fall out at a faster than replenishment rate.
  4. Medical conditions can also be responsible for hair loss in women.  For instance PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) is known to cause women to lose hair. Having a thyroid imbalance can also cause hair loss. Similarly, a condition such as diabetes could also underlie hair loss.
  5. Cosmetic procedures that use strong chemicals very frequently can cause the hair shaft to weaken and break. Frequent deep heat treatments, hair rebonding, perming, hair coloring could cause a higher degree of hair breakage. Certain hair styles such as tight braids or cornrows could also stress hair roots and cause hair loss.
  6. Hormonal change can be the cause of many ups and downs in a woman’s life; including hair loss. Pregnancy, menopause and breastfeeding could create hormonal changes that in turn cause hair loss.
  7. Eating disorders can cause hair loss too. Any severe caloric restriction as in the case of anorexia or even crash diets can cause hair to fall out. Improper or inadequate nutrition could mean that the hair become dull and lifeless, losing its sheen. The hair may actually start falling out when the body senses starvation, since the body diverts nutrition for other, more necessary processes within the body.
  8. Stress can cause hair loss in women; same as men. Stress and inadequate sleep can be a culprits contributing not just to hair loss and skin breakouts but life threatening conditions such as heart disease.
  9. Trichotillomania is a psychological condition where the sufferer feels compelled to pull out their own hair.
  10. Alopecia Areata and Alopecia Univeralis are some other reasons for female hair loss. Alopecia areata can start suddenly in the form of patchy hair loss, but may resolve within some years. Alopecia Universalis is a rare condition that causes complete loss of all hair from the body.

Author information:

Sarika Periwal advocates natural treatments for common hair and skin conditions through her website Hairfall can be controlled to a great extent by nourishing them with natural substances. Find simple home remedies for hair growth and other hair treatments on her website.



2 Responses to “Top 10 Reasons Why Women Lose Hair”
  1. Karen says:

    Hair loss in women can be very traumatic, much more than in men. A bald men can still be attractive, but it’s not the same for woman . It’s sad to say but this is the reality.

    However, if can be useful for women who don’t know what are the actual and effective treatments for the most common hair loss (androgenic and areata), be aware that they are:

    Minoxidil (between 2% and 5%)
    Finasteride (the amount depends on the medical opinion)
    hydrocortisone butyrate (0,1)

    …there is more information on the FDA website:

    and for generic hair loss advices:

    • Anne says:

      A bald woman can be attractive too; how about Sinead O’Connor, Natalie Portman, Demi Moore, Grace Jones to mention a few.

      I would argue men can be just as ugly bald, not everyone can pull the look off regardless of gender and, I’d argue that our acceptance of balding men is cultural. I’m not sure we’ve always accepted (and we are all equally accepting) of balding men.

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