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Top Ten Medication Exercises You Should Do For Better Vision


Since eyes are the most important and most commonly used part of the body, they get strained easily. Eye exercises have been practiced for many years in order to maintain a healthy vision. These exercises not only help in strengthening eye muscles, but also improve the blood circulation to the eyes. Following are some exercises which you can follow to keep your eyes healthy,

1. Eye Palming Exercises

After a prolonged period of work, altering the focus of the eyeballs is an excellent method to provide eye muscles an opportunity to rest. Palming is an effective exercise to relieve your strained eye muscles. For this simple exercise, · Rub your hands until they get warm. · Next step is to shut your eyes and place your warm hands gently on your eye sockets. Feel the warmth of your palms and relax. · It is advised to practice this exercise in a dark room to get better results. The exercise has been adapted from Yoga eye exercises in which you basically teach your eyes to relax. If you already suffer from an eyesight problem, and do not like to wear glasses you can consider wearing lenses.

2. Gaze Flexibility Exercise

Gaze Flexibility exercise is another exercise to strengthen your eye muscles. For this exercise, · Face forward while keeping your head still. · Without straining your eyes, look upwards as far off as you can. · After a few seconds, repeat this process in downward direction. Continue the same exercise in right and left direction.

3. Shifting Focus Exercise

It is often advised to continually shift the focus of your eyes. This shift in focus not only relieves eye strain but also increases blood circulation. For this simple exercise, · Hold an object like pen or pencil at an arm’s length and try to focus on its tip. · Move the object slowly towards your nose end and then move it to its original position. · Do not blink during the exercise. Doing this exercise regularly will strengthen your eye muscles.

4. Eye Circles Exercise

This exercise is more or less the same as gaze flexibility exercise. To perform this exercise, · Look upwards as much as you can. · Keeping your head still, move your eyes in a clock wise and anti clock wise direction as if you are trying to make an imaginary circle. · Do not over strain your eyes while doing this exercise. Blink your eyes after completing this exercise to relax your eye muscles.

5. Eye Contractions

This exercise is usually performed at the end of an eye exercise workout because it helps in muscle relaxation. The steps to perform this exercise include, · Closing your eyes as firmly as you can. · You should be able to feel the contraction in eye muscles. · After keeping your eyes closed for several seconds, open them quickly. · It is advisable to repeat the exercise 10 times for best results.

6. Flexibility Exercise

This exercise not only helps in improving your eyesight but also helps in relieving eye muscle strain. · Hold your thumb at a distance of approximately 6 inches from your nose. · Keeping your focus on the tip of your thumb inhale and exhale deeply. · Similarly, focus on a far object (at least 10 feet away from you) and repeat the procedure. · Repeat this exercise at least 15 times to improve your eye health.

7. Yogic Focus Exercise

This exercise is called yogic exercise since the exercise took its inspiration from yoga. To do this exercise, · Pick any object or simply focus on the tip of your nose. · Maintain your focus on the object for a few minutes. · Next shift your focus to the area above your nose, between your eyebrows. This area is commonly called as “third eye” by yoga practitioners who associate it with imagination and dreaming.

8. Blinking Exercise

Blinking is the simplest and the most overlooked exercise for eyes that is known to keep the eyes moist and release eye tension. After reading a book or staring at your computer for a long period of time, blinking your eyes gently will improve ocular blood flow.

9. Peripheral Vision Awareness Exercise

The exercise helps in stimulating different parts of retina in your eyes. To perform this exercise, · Take a piece of paper and mark a dot in the centre. · Next step is to write letters in circles around that dot. · While maintaining your focus on the centre of the dot (focal point), try to peripherally detect the letters. · Do not move your eyes while doing this exercise. The exercise helps in increasing your peripheral vision awareness.

10. Swaying Exercise

The exercise helps in keeping your eyes moist and lubricated. To do this exercise, · Focus on an object at a distance. · Move your eyes in left and right directions while maintaining focus. · You can blink during this exercise. · Repeat this procedure several times.


Your eye muscles need regular exercise in order to reduce and relieve the daily strain that you put on them. In order to maintain healthy vision and avoid eye diseases, it is essential for you to undertake these exercises on a regular basis.

AJ is an eye specialist and aims to raise visual awareness among the general public. She is the author of several articles and blogs related to eye health. You can contact her in order to get her expert advice for your eye related problems. She recommends to buy Focus Dailies All Day Comfort that are available at if you are planning to buy superior quality contacts.

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