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3 Tips for Combating Post Holiday Blues

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Hi all, 

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season with family and friends. My gift to you today is from my blog series on coping with the holidays: 3 Tips for Combating Post Holiday Blues.  With this time of year we can easily fall prey to all the messages that wear us down. Between the messages for setting new years resolutions, weight loss ads, the pressure to buy buy buy along with the let down after fun (or stress) with family and friends we can find it necessary to have some tips for combating post holiday blues.

My 3 short tips (for today) are:

1. Turn off the TV.

2. Get outside for a dose of nature and moving of our bodies.

Home for The Holidays

Home for The Holidays

3. Be kind and gentle to ourselves.

Sounds simple doesn’t it? Not so easy when we might be tired, depressed, anxious, or trying to support a loved one who is fighting an eating disorder. This is why I kept it short and simple. We can take these small steps without further overwhelming ourselves.

But what does, ‘be kind and gentle to ourselves’ mean exactly?  Well, one way is to do things we like. Another is to do something kind for someone else by doing something we enjoy. :)

As for turning off the TV…I watched tiny bit of daytime TV with my 22 year old this morning as got really down thinking of the sad sorry state of affairs.  The messages were so depressing. Women being told we need to look a certain way, buff arms, lose weight, be sexy, and be a good cook. WOW.

I’d love to hear your ideas for how you are combating the post holiday blues. If you need something more to fight the constant new years messages pushing “diets” please read Robyn Hussa’s blog post – she nails it.

Lastly, if you’re wanting to connect with others who are supporting a loved one with an eating disorder there is ONE DAY left to sign up for the conference call classes I’ll be hosting beginning January 9th.

Be well my friends,



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  1. Awesome Becky! These are my thoughts exactly!

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