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5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Fear Talking To A Counselor!

This Real Deal Guest Post graciously submitted from Casey Wheeler.

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There are two main reasons people of all ages fear counseling; they are afraid to share their personal thoughts and feelings, and they are afraid of the changes that may come from therapy. But for every reason why you should fear counseling, there is a reason why you shouldn’t.

Have your fears of counseling stopped you from seeking help?

If so, you should know that there are many positive changes that could come from scheduling an appointment. Open up an opportunity for change. Below are five reasons that may change your mind about seeking therapy.

  1. You aren’t the only one they talk to: There’s no reason to feel like a solo artist on a spot lit stage. You are one of many clients. This doesn’t mean your counselor doesn’t care about your feelings or your recovery; they do. On the contrary, this fact should help you understand that many people are in the same boat as you. You aren’t alone on this journey.
  2. Their job description doesn’t include judging: There’s a reason people go to counselors to talk about their issues; good counselors do not judge their clients. They are simply there to listen and guide you through your feelings. Of course, if a counselor has advice or suggestions, they will share them, but they should never make you feel guilty about your situation.
  3. They can’t tell your story to anyone, not even your parents: Unless you threaten to do harm to yourself or to others, your counselor cannot disclose the details of your conversations to anyone. Even if your parents want to learn about the things that are bothering you, they won’t be able to get that information from your counselor.
  4. There’s no commitment to keep going: Let’s say that you talk to a counselor for a few sessions and discover that you don’t like their style. Do you have to keep seeing that counselor? No! Most towns (even small ones) are home to more than one counseling professional, so there’s no reason you should feel obligated to keep scheduling sessions with a person you don’t feel comfortable talking to.
  5. They’re human, too: It’s pretty common for clients to forget that counselors are people, too. Although a counselor’s job is to help others, this doesn’t mean they have never dealt with their own issues. In fact, most counselors are good at what they dobecause they have experienced similar things as their clients. In other words, they know where you’re coming from and how it feels.

There’s no shame in asking for help. Everyone experiences uncertainty about who they are and yearns for acceptance. Counseling is simply a tool that aids self-understanding and fosters growth.

Casey Wheeler is a freelance writer and career counselor with a degree in psychology. Using his educational and professional background as a foundation, Casey most enjoys writing about anything related to psychology and learning. He also regularly writes for, a great resource for students interested in pursuing an online degree in psychology. Please leave your questions or comments for Casey below.

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