Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Gratitude is the source of your healing and self confidence

Being aware and grateful in your life promotes your own healing and develops you as a sturdy and worthwhile person. Gratitude is far more than saying “thank you” to someone for their efforts.

When you are grateful you open your heart and mind to what is meaningful to you. When you express your gratitude you give voice to that meaning in the world.

It’s a beautiful and escalating process. You know what’s important to you. Expressing gratitude for that shows others that this is important to  you and you know it. Your gratitude encourages the world and yourself to create more of what you value.  Your awareness and expression of your gratitude nourishes your own self.  You find you are more confident and at peace in expressing your appreciation for what affects your authentic self.

You begin to like yourself more. You feel confident and more positive as you learn you can help create a world that has more of what you care about just by expressing your gratitude for it’s existence.

Over time you notice that people around you smile more and are more welcoming to you.  You discover that you are smiling more and that you like other people more.  You form community based on honest caring when you honor your authentic feelings by noticing and expressing your gratitude.

Examples could be gratitude for:

  1. your ability to heal
  2. the recovery progress of a friend or stranger
  3. a clear sky
  4. a piece of art
  5. a kind word
  6. your ability to see, taste, feel, walk, sleep, eat, digest
  7. learning something new alone or with a friend
  8. the presence of something wonderful in your life
  9. the absence of something terrible in your life
  10. the opportunities you have to make your life and the lives of others better in some way


What could you add to this list?  Please share in the comments.

Beautiful short video on gratitude – inspiring – don’t miss it.




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