Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Ladies Get The Vote Out!

profile of a pregnant womanAccording to “Gender Gap Near Historic High” in The New York Times yesterday, this election could result in the greatest gender gap in American history.  Why?  Women’s rights are on the line.  Your rights to choose are directly on the line in this election (at least two of the Supreme Court Justices will be replaced by the next President and could reverse Roe v. Wade).  Your right to obtain affordable healthcare is on the line.  On average, men don’t require the same healthcare coverage that women do.  Our reproductive healthcare costs means that we need to visit doctors more regularly… yet 21 million girls and women went without care in 2007.  Learn more, about how the current healthcare system does NOT work for you, here.

The only people who can vote for women’s needs, ideals and choices are WOMEN.

This is your chance.

There is a huge divide in our country between men understanding what women (and other minorities) need and what we KNOW we need.  Don’t let others determine your needs for you in this year’s election.

Whatever your choice, make sure — ladies — that you make your voice heard and that you …

Vote on November 6th.


Your rights depend on it!

WATRD Author & Editor, Robyn Hussa

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