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Jennifer Livingston; Bullying and Weight Stigma

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Interesting that the week after BEDA’s Weight Stigma Awareness Week that this mom and LaCrosse, WI news anchor, Jennifer Livingston was called a “poor role model” due to her weight by a viewer. It is hard to not wonder if the viewer who found it so important to take the time to write in sees the irony that bullying is being a poor role model.

We’ve all be so brainwashed by outdated and inaccurate information about fatness, obesity, “overweight” that many people probably agree with this viewer. There was a time I would have thought she was being a poor role model too. That was before I read some of the research and information about health and weight and Health At Every Size. Linda Bacon lists vasts amounts of research on her site, the Yale Rudd Center does as well. After you read the research I’d love to hear if your thoughts have shifted.

Here is ABC sharing Jennifer’s story the day after she called out her bully. Talk about being a role model, she is stepping up during National Bullying Awareness Month in a powerful way!

Here is the video of Jennifer taking on her bully on my youtube page: EDParent Coach to view the video. Sorry it wouldn’t embed here today.

And he has now “apologized” publicly.

Since I posted this on my blog at Hope Network, LLC, Jennifer Livingston was on Ellen this week. And Ellen made a commercial for her too! Doesn’t hurt to have Ellen Degeneres in your corner!  Many of you may be aware that Ellen’s partner, Portia has suffered from an eating disorder. Since then Ellen has been a wonderful advocate for helping with eating disorders awareness.  Many people feel that weight bullying is what triggered their eating disorder.

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