Wednesday, January 20, 2021

From Fat to Phat

This week, Real Deal’s very own Caroline Rothstein added her voice to Lady Gaga’s Body Revolution mash-up after Lady G bore the truth of her eating disorder and struggle with body image to the masses and encouraged everyone to claim their true body and self — warts and all.  To flip through the onslaught of entries in the Body Revolution brings tears to the eyes.  People young and old, perfect and imperfect are sharing photos of themselves in their true light.  Owning who they are despite their flaws.

Lady Gaga’s brave truth encouraged thousands to jump onto the real beauty bandwagon and claim their imperfections.

Of particular note, was the brilliant and raw poetry slammin force, Caroline Rothstein, who contributed her original piece to the body revolution pie.  Within one day her YouTube video went from 800 views to more than 20,000.

It seems that our culture has made a 4 letter word of “Fat” — How did that happen? …. and Why?  It seems that Lady Gaga and the fabulous Caroline Rothstein have actually done the impossible and morphed the word: from Fat to Phat.

Brava ladies!!

Robyn Hussa is the Author and Editor of the We Are The Real Deal blog universe and Founder and CEO of the NORMAL nonprofit.  She is a national speaker on the topics of body image, eating disorders and mindfulness.  Learn more

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