Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Hiding within yourself

woman hugging a pillow across her heart

Many people with eating disorders feel ashamed and embarrassed.  People are calling and texting you to go out, do things, and socialize.  Have you called them back?  Yes.  Have you told them you’d meet up with them?  Yes.


You cancel at the last minute.  Why?

“I just can’t go” you say to yourself.  “No one really likes me and I stand out in a crowd plus everyone will want to eat out and I’m NOT doing that.”

What happens next is you sit at home…ALONE…depressed, and feel guilty because you, AGAIN, let others down and you look irresponsible.

If this happens to be YOU here are a few suggestions that may help.

  1. First, Forgive yourself for backing out at the last minute.
  2. Nurture yourself: Make sure you hug yourself and tell yourself you are a good person.
  3. Now, list all the negatives  that happen when you back out of something at the last minute: you disappoint others, you miss out on doing something fun and being with your friends, you are stuck at home doing nothing and your e/d thoughts get louder and worse, If you miss out on going out it will be harder the next time to make yourself  leave your safe little box…..
  4. The next time you feel like backing out of something, read your list to remind yourself why you should go ahead and stick with the plans.


Being in recovery means that you actually FACE your fears and CHALLENGE YOURSELF. Being in recovery means that you are no longer hiding inside yourself.

Keep pushing yourself this week and remember YOU can do it!



Sharon R Peterson, LCSW-C

Sharon is Founding Director of Eating Disorder Network of Maryland (EDN Maryland) and she has been an outpatient therapist providing individual, family, and group therapy since 1995.  She is also a faculty member for The Institute for Advanced Psychotherapy Training & Education, Inc (IAPTE) and teaches CEU classes for professionals about eating disorders and other mental health issues.

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