Sunday, January 24, 2021

Great Discovery When you Stop People Pleasing

quote about refraining from people pleasing

*author unknown

In eating disorder recovery you discover your authentic beliefs and values.  This quote then becomes more relevant as you make your way to healing and health.

When people pleasing gets you down you are ready to drop an eating disorder symptom you may have lived with your entire life.

You discover, perhaps while looking over your shoulder and imagining a glowering critic from
your past descending on you, that you have the personal power to choose your relationships and the terms of your relationships.

This discovery leads to great freedom and new joy.

P.S.  The glowering critic from your past descending on you?  Never gets to you. The moment you choose from your own authentic values, that critic fumes a bit, sputters a bit and then, if you stand your ground, evaporates.  It’s pretty wonderful to find out how frail inner critics can be when you are loyal to yourself in the actual here and now world you live in.  🙂

* Author unknown, but whoever she is, I like her!

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