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What Gifts Are You Giving Yourself?

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A woman in "dancer" pose on a beach next to a life boatThis year for my birthday I was given the gift of spending time with family at a beach vacation.  I invited my parents and family to meet my fiance’s parents and family.  We were literally surrounded on all sides with family.

Believe it or not — it was truly amazing.

What a gift!  We thought that rather than have our parents meet during our wedding next year, we would save ourselves that stress.  So we had them all meet this year during a fun, stress-free beach vacation.  This was a wise “gift” to share with my fiance on many levels.

In addition, we decided to wake up early one day and treat ourselves to time alone on the beach (and to my favorite thing in the world — a sunrise yoga practice).

We set the alarm for 5:30am and made our way to the unbelievably vast beach — one of the most stunning I have ever seen.

In the photo to the right, I am in my favorite pose — technically called “Dancer” or Nataraja Asana.  I have re-named this pose “Soar” — to accompany the affirmation.  Keep reaching, flying, being.  To simply “Soar” and enjoy the ride.

The moment, the day and the experience was indescribably heavenly.  I am so grateful for these precious gifts of love, health, family and laughter.

What gifts are you giving yourself or enjoying today?  This week?

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