Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Women Hurting Each Other or Helping?

About fifteen year’s ago I was introduced to this painting and — to this day — it haunts me.   I find it so incredibly powerful.

I was introduced to the artist — Gustav Rehberger — through a friend who took me to his studio.  Rehberger’s gallery was a work space located in a loft above Carnegie Hall.  There — in this glorious space — were hundreds of pieces.  Every one contained a stunning depiction of movement and strength — bodies in motion and the glory of the human form.  What I always loved most about Rehberger’s women is that they are drawn in “real” shapes — and always appeared incredibly strong and powerful to me.  I was given one of his life drawings — a woman seated with her back facing us.  Someone once looked at the drawing and termed these women “Amazons” — but, to me, they aren’t Amazons.  They are real women.  With bodies and muscle and fat and shape and substance.

Real women.

What I found most striking about Rehberger’s “Aspiration” is that it shows women climbing over each other in order to tear a hole in the sky.  Painted in the 70’s this piece always makes me wonder: Are the women hurting each other in order to excel, or helping?  How have things changed today?

What’s your take?

Gustav Rehberger's "Aspiration"

photo from Flicker: leifpeng’s photostream

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