Saturday, January 16, 2021

Have you ever said, “My Child’s Eating Disorder Is Consuming My Life!”?

It’s Summertime– Treat Yourself!

I understand how all-consuming an eating disorder can be for families. Conversation always seems to lead to it, daily life is built around it and relationships are defined by it. But in order for families to reclaim the joy in their lives, there must be a time during the week where parents take care of themselves, and that’s where Date without ED comes in!

becky henry smelling the lilacs

Becky Henry smelling lilacs

I challenge every family to commit to some time each week to leave conversation about the eating disorder at home—WITHOUT feeling guilty about it. Do something fun- you deserve it! Now that summer time is in full-swing, here are some fun Date without ED ideas for families, friends and loved ones to do—enjoy some ED free time and reclaim the joy in your lives, because you can’t take care of others unless you take care of yourself too.

Summertime Date without ED ideas:

1.    Walk around a lake
2.    Go canoeing
3.    Make a picnic and go to the park
4.    Eat dinner somewhere new (without the person with the eating disorder)
5.    Fly a kite
6.    Go to a drive-in movie
7.    Go to a local art fair
8.    Attend a music festival
9.    Take a drive with the windows down
10. Go on a bike ride
11. Read a fiction novel
12. Go hiking
13. Play a new sport
14. Take dance lessons
15. Go to the zoo
And if your child/loved one with the eating disorder is too sick for you to leave for any of these fun things be sure and make an “ED-FREE ZONE” in your home for you to escape to at least once a day to rest and fill yourself up.Have more fun suggestions? Post them on the Date without ED Facebook page at, or on the Hope Network, LLC Facebook page.  I’d love to hear what you did for your date without ED!
Becky Henry
Hope Network, LLC

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