Friday, January 22, 2021

What Good Can Controlling Dreams Do For You?

This guest post graciously submitted by Amy. 

woman dreamingWhen an individual hears about controlling one’s dreams, various techniques to do it and the large numbers of people who follow it, one question arises – why should we do it? What benefits do we get from it?

Following are the benefits of controlling dreams:

Turn into a problem solver: When one controls one’s dreams or lucid dreams, he/she is able to perceive a problem from a whole new dimension. The mind is not bound by worldly dimensions or units of measure, therefore, we are able to solve problem easily. Many great inventors Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison claimed of seeking answers for their experiments while they were sleeping.

Be more creative: Controlling dreams can greatly enhance your creativity. For that, while sleeping one needs to announce “show me creative works” and eventually your mind would turn up with something amazing. It could be a painting, a musical piece or anything, for that matter. Salvador Dali, Mozart and Beethoven took help from their dreams to create the masterpieces.

No more fears: Yes, you can eliminate fears from your life. Lucid dreaming provides an environment in which you are comfortable. It is all about, you. With other benefits, it also helps you to face your fears and overcome them. If you are afraid of deep waters, why not dive into a sea or fight off a big tarantula if it makes you fearful. Upon your will, you can shrink their sizes or simply ask them what they represent. You would be surprised by the discovery which in turn, will kill your fear.

Gain self-confidence: The world in your dreams is your playground. Nothing can go wrong there as you are the one who rules it. You can use it as a place to rehearse and practice which in turn, improves your self-confidence. Working on an activity while lucid dreaming, eventually contributes to it in real life. Also, if you lack self-belief regarding an event, for example public speaking, you can practice it there.

Deal with emotional stress: Some events can prove to be most stressful in one life like death of a parent or spouse, losing a job or shifting the house. Also, they tend to take a heavy toll on you. You get tired easily; feel sleepy and grouchy all the time unaware of the reasons causing this. Controlling your dreams can give you a clear picture of reasons. You get clear answers about all your queries which help you in the real life.

Controlling dreams has immense benefits which impact every aspect of our lives. It could be difficult to wake up in the dream but with practice it becomes easy.

Amy has been writing articles on behalf of websites such as, and more, for quite a while now. Personal development through self help is her forte in writing.

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