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Top 5 Reasons for Going Organic

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This Guest Post is graciously submitted by Jim Shannon.  Everyday more and more people are going organic. It seems as we become more educated about organic products, the more we are leaning toward them. What once was seen as a fad has now become a way of life. While almost everyone accepts that organic foods are healthier for us, there are many more reasons for going organic than just your health.

Below is a list of the top 5 reasons for adding more organic foods to your daily life.

Health Benefits

Organic foods (meats, poultry and egg included) have many health benefits. They have been shown to be more nutritionally sound in terms of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins than their conventional counterparts. We are also limiting our exposure to harmful pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemicals in our foods, along with growth hormones and antibiotics. Organic farming is regulated and farmers are held to strict growing standards.

Environmental Benefits

Eating organic foods has numerous environmental benefits. From improving the soil, to cutting down on water pollution, to encouraging wildlife, going organic has it all. It does all of this too while cutting down on energy usage. Being green keeps chemicals out of the air, the earth, and our children.

Benefits to Local Farms

Going green also supports our local farmers. Organic farming is not the most efficient way to raise crops and cattle; however, it’s the healthiest. Don’t we want that for ourselves and our children? It’s also wonderful for the environment. These farms, usually small in size, are doing great work.  So to eat organic foods, we are supporting our local farms and our communities.

Taste Benefits

Organic food tastes better than its conventionally grown counterparts. There is no doubt about it. It’s often sweeter, more flavorful, and more natural in taste. Honestly, there is not much that tastes better than pulling an organic cherry tomato fresh off the vine. Heirloom varieties of produce are especially good. If you are not usually a vegetable or fruit eater, try organic ones. There is a significant difference in taste.

Waste Reduction

Waste reduction is not something people usually think of when going to organic foods, but it is important. Conventionally grown foods are bought in the supermarket. You drive to this supermarket or that supermarket, wasting energy and gas. When you get there, many items are prepackaged or you put them in a plastic bag. When you buy organic, you often go directly to the farm or farmer’s market. No packaging required and no traveling to other stores. You can get it all right there, fruits, vegetables, eggs, meat, poultry, milk, honey, etc.

It is easy to see why going organic has caught on. With so many benefits, it’s unclear as to why someone would stay with conventional foods. Start eating organic so you can not only benefit the environment, but your body as well. Start with a few things to begin with (fruits and vegetables seem to be an easy way to start) and then add more and more items as you reap the benefits. Be healthy, be good, and enjoy.

Jim Shannon loves bamboo, he loves bamboo so much he grows bamboo and has turned bamboo into a thriving business, Bamboo Habitat.

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