Thursday, February 25, 2021

Are Women Pressured to be Covergirls?

This guest post graciously submitted by Ashley Kervabon.

A few days ago, I overheard some girls at work talking about why they wear make-up. One of them said “I always try to wear make-up to look better”. I thought about that sentence for a while and then said to myself : Wait, does that mean I don’t look okay because I don’t wear make-up?

 The concept of wearing make-  up has always been interesting to me. I know girls who spend hours doing their make-up just to go to class, or go to the supermarket. There are people that say that girls who wear a lot of make-up are insecure and want to make themselves “more pretty” by wearing make-up. However, I don’t feel that this is the case.

The appearance of a woman is too important in society for women not to care about wearing make-up. If a woman doesn’t wear make-up, people may say that she is “letting herself go”  or “not taking care of herself”. If a woman does not wear make-up to a job interview, she might be seen as careless or sloppy.

But who can really blame people for thinking this way? The image of the ideal woman in the media always has flawless skin, big eyes, plump lips,etc. Make-up can make you look like that ideal woman even if you don’t have these features naturally. This is probably why women feel like make-up is their back-up plan. A cheaper alternative to plastic surgery, is how some may see it.

In my opinion, wearing make-up can mean a lot of things. It may mean that you want to fix your “flaws” or enhance your good features. Or maybe you want to fit in. Some women wear make-up to be creative, stand out. All of these reasons are good ones and completely respectable. But would women still wear make-up if there wasn’t all of this  pressure from the media to “look better”?

Here is a perfectly good example of this. Cassandra Bankson, a young model who suffers from acne, goes through a long make-up routine every morning just to be able to do what she loves, model. She bravely posted a before and after video on YouTube that has received millions of hits within the past year. Read the full story here.

You can watch her video on YouTube, click here. The make-up makes her look like a model. But the confidence she had to post this video makes her beautiful.

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