Sunday, January 24, 2021

What Three Words Would You Send to Lift Someone’s Spirit?

I found this on my sister’s Facebook page today and had to share it because it is so inspiring and beautiful.
She is a super-star, dedicated teacher and human being (obviously) and she came up with this idea to help a friend.
Feel free to share in this random act of kindness.

girl holding a red plastic heart in her hand

OK friends, it’s time for a three-word story challenge. I have a friend who is going through something intensely sad right now. Your job is to do this random act of kindness. In just THREE words, send an uplifting message. It can be something you’ve heard before (“Dare to dream”) or something you’ve made up. Hopefully your three words will travel right up to her and raise her spirits. Then, feel free to dole out the positive messages to others who cross your path.

Ready? Set? Go!


In case you are curious, some sample responses were:

“keep faith alive”

“Time heals all.”

“Strength is within”

“Open your heart.”

“Joy will return.”

What would you add?



7 Responses to “What Three Words Would You Send to Lift Someone’s Spirit?”
  1. Jan Giesige says:

    Three words: You are loved.

  2. God is good . . .
    All the time

  3. Jenny Hussa says:

    Love yourSelf UNCONDITIONALLY.

  4. Leslie Rutkowski says:

    Let it in

  5. Mariah Steinman says:

    Keep Moving Forward!

  6. Simone Luna says:

    Remember to smile

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