Monday, January 25, 2021

Fighting Stigma with Science

“Fighting Stigma with Science” At the forefront of my mission through the Hope Network is to remove the stigma from eating disorders and to raise money for eating disorder research—an area that is historically overlooked and underfunded. Dr. Cynthia M. Bulik, Professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, shares a similar goal, […]

108 Tips to Livin the Moment: Tell Your Deepest, Darkest Secret To…A Dog.

This is the sixth of 108 tips to Livin’ the Moment. Let’s take back our lives one beautiful, funny and delicious moment at a time. #6 of 108:  Tell a Dog Your Worries, Fears, and Secrets You have to purge yourself of darkness. There are lots of people who are physically fit and clean…but whose spiritual body […]

108 Ways to Livin the Moment: Unravel a Roll of Toilet Paper

This is the fifth of 108 tips to Livin’ the Moment. Let’s take back our lives one beautiful, funny and delicious moment at a time. #5 of 108:   Unravel a Roll of Toilet Paper If a roll of toilet paper represented the 5 billion year history of our planet, the existence of humans on the […]

I Choose NOT to Diet for Summer — you?

Bikinis & Bathing Suits, Toning Up, Beaches, Dieting, Friends, Losing Weight, Vacation & Watching What You Eat = Summer Fun! Wait a minute –something about that doesn’t sound fun (or healthy)! That’s because it’s not. Summer is meant to be a time to enjoy warmer weather by engaging in outdoor activities like swimming, picnics, farmer’s […]

Help us receive 250 votes!!

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Help our organization qualify for a $250,000 grant from Chase and LivingSocial. 1.  Visit 2.  Click on the “Login and Support” button 3.  Search for NORMAL (ours is the 4th one down), or search using our City and State (New York, NY) Our company says “NORMAL — Where the New Norm is Self-Care” Your […]

Women over 50 and body image

This was a post from January of this year but I’m revisiting it here after seeing Cindy Bulik’s wonderful piece on CBS about aging women and eating disorders.  After watching so many of my friends over 50 have issues with their bodies I’m very happy to see this getting some attention. Given that I am […]

What Good Can Controlling Dreams Do For You?

This guest post graciously submitted by Amy.  When an individual hears about controlling one’s dreams, various techniques to do it and the large numbers of people who follow it, one question arises – why should we do it? What benefits do we get from it? Following are the benefits of controlling dreams:

Top 5 Reasons for Going Organic

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This Guest Post is graciously submitted by Jim Shannon.  Everyday more and more people are going organic. It seems as we become more educated about organic products, the more we are leaning toward them. What once was seen as a fad has now become a way of life. While almost everyone accepts that organic foods […]

Don’t Pause for the Flaws

“I wonder how I would look with pink extensions in my hair? That is a really cute pair of yoga pants…I wonder where she got them.  I could never wear those with these hips.  Oh my gosh, did everyone in class just hear my stomach growl? I could really go for a smoothie after this. […]

5 Ways to Empower Women to Love Their Bodies

This guest post graciously submitted by Heather. Open any magazine or turn to any TV channel and you’re sure to see the “perfect” woman. She is tall and leggy, has long, cascading blonde hair and bright blue eyes, the perfect pouty lips, and curves in all the right places. She is an impossible ideal. And […]

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