Wednesday, January 27, 2021


This fabulous Guest-Post is graciously submitted by Anne-Sophie Reinhardt.

Living in a world that is so focused on performance, looks and competition with others, we often forget to breathe.

By breathing, I don’t mean the the process that moves air in and out of the lungs, but the art of taking the time to concentrate on ourselves and our needs. Nurturing our inner life is an extraordinarily important aspect of life and yet we completely neglect it.

If we’re not in total balance with ourselves, then how are we ever going to be completely fulfilled, satisfied and live up to the person we so very much wish we are and no doubt could be?

We can’t, which is why we all need to take a deep and long BREATHE on a daily basis.

Women Breathing in Yoga ClassBREATHE


The most important part of getting back in tune with yourself is to simply be in the moment, be aware of your body, your mind and feelings. For most of us there is a huge gap between our outer physicality and the person that’s hidden behind. By sitting still and becoming aware of how your body feels, which thoughts are going through your head and what your eyes see, you can find a way back to your innermost values and gifts.

Reclaim. Reclaim your body.

Society and the media has taken control over the feelings we have towards ourselves and our appearance. They’ve tricked us into believing that you can only be happy, successful and beautiful if you have a certain shape and size. It’s time for you to reclaim what is already yours and define beauty, bliss and a sense of well-being for yourself.

Exhale. Exhale all the negative emotions that piled up inside.

Be it because of work, relationships, body image issues, financial problems or anything else that life throws in your way. Taking a very conscious inhale and a long and deep exhale releases tension and relaxes your mind. It grounds you and gives you clarity, even in the most stressful situations.

Allow. Allow yourself to be loved, especially by yourself.

Love is the most powerful, most essential and most important thing in the world. Everything good in this world results from deep love, even self-acceptance and self-confidence. Don’t direct all your love only to your family and relationships, but love yourself first.

Transform. Transform your negative self-talk into positive, loving and self-nurturing messages.

Our mind is filled with doubt, insecurities, displeasure and maybe even disgust, but you are the master over your thoughts. Every time a negative thought crosses your mind instantly negate it with a compassionate message. The more often you do it, the more likely your mind will be to welcome the positive thought first, which will transform your entire way of seeing yourself and the world.

Heal. Heal your broke heart, soul and mind.

We all have our cross to bear. Nobody goes through life without never being hurt, experiencing no conflicts, problems or stress. Yet we can all heal whatever wounds we have. It may not happen over night, but it does happen to many women and men every single day. It may be painful, difficult and sometimes a bit overwhelming, but you have the power to push through it and come out the other end as an even stronger and freer person.

Enjoy. Enjoy the beauty that surrounds you.

Our minds are so cluttered with tasks, responsibilities and other agendas that we hardly take in the wonders of this world. Make it a point to look up more often and take in whatever it is you see, whether it’s just a beautiful bouquet of flowers or the most breathtaking view of the mountains (like I am lucky enough to see on an almost daily basis here in Zurich). There’s beauty surrounding every single one of you. Don’t let it go unnoticed.

Reminding yourself of these steps of awareness will not only give you a completely new perspective on life, but it will also put you in a much more satisfied and relaxed state of mind, which is what makes life so much more enjoyable and fun.

About Anne-Sophie: Anne – Sophie Reinhardt is a world traveler, an anorexia survivor, a positive body image advocate, podcaster, blogger, digital entrepreneur, speaker, wive, lover of books, aspiring yogi and social media enthusiast. Her blogs My Intercontinental Life and Fighting Anorexia are focused on living a purposeful, free, healthy and passionate life.


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  1. G Angela says:

    This is a great post, just reconfirming what i believe, thanks for sharing !

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