Sunday, March 7, 2021

Lessons from the Garden … of Abundance!

As Editor of WATRD, I allowed this post because I have personally taken Maripat’s class and recommend it without reservation.  You’ll be amazed the number of elements that tie together your money and self-worth … Enjoy the ride!  Robyn Hussa

Consider the dandelion. Reviled by many as an insistent, bothersome weed, it nevertheless continues to proudly display its pert, bright yellow self in lawns and gardens everywhere, thriving in the face of adversity.

Where, in our own lives, do we face adversity? How do we carry ourselves through it: head down, beating ourselves up or feeling defensive and resentful? Or head up and face open, like the dandelion, sure of our intrinsic worthiness, knowing the gifts we offer to the world?

For those who know how to look and wait, the garden teems with other such life lessons. As spring awakens this year, turn your awareness to the wise teachings of your garden.

Plant Money in Your Garden

How is your financial garden blooming? If it doesn’t seem very fertile or prosperous, perhaps it’s because the soil is laced with limiting beliefs, old patterns, cluttered thinking or shame.

Would you like to ensure that the seeds you’re planting in your financial garden will yield greater income? Then join me for the upcoming Overcoming Underearning tele-seminar series, which is based on Barbara Stanny’s book of the same name.

Together, we will sift through your seeds (thoughts, beliefs and unhealthy history with money) and release those that will not bear fruit. Then, we will rebuild a healthier relationship with money and plant only the most lucrative seeds.

5 Wednesdays Beginning May 9th, 2012

10am PT – noon CT – 1 pm ET

May 9, 16, 23, 30, June 6 

Groups of 4 or more can choose

their own dates and times.

Contact Maripat.

To find out more, or sign up, CLICK HERE

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