Tuesday, January 26, 2021

We Are Supposed to Have Flaws!!

Special thanks to Arianna’s Random Thoughts for this interview with WATRD Editor (who added a few extra pics for fun!!) Today Robyn Hussa  is sharing with us about perseverance. I first connected with  Robyn when I was interested in getting involved with the blog, We Are The Real Deal, where she is the Editor. I’m a […]

Unlimited Chances

There’s no such thing as giving yourself too many chances. You yourself are the only one who can give YOU as many chances as you want or need. There is no limit to chances. There is no maximum. I know how hard it is to even try. Years ago, I used to have days where […]

Thanks for Making WATRD A Top Body-Confidence Website!

Thanks to Channel 4 “4 Beauty” for including WATRD as one of the top body-confidence websites Learn more, here

Evidence-Based Treatment: Is It The Answer To Treating Eating Disorders?

Evidence-based treatment (EBT) has become a hot topic in the field of eating disorders as well as healthcare in general.  EBT is defined as interventions, treatments or psychotherapeutic techniques that have been shown to produce therapeutic change when studied in controlled research trials. While the purpose of this article is not to be critical of […]

Our walls of “perfect” bodies need to come down…

Graciously re-posted from Gurze Publications:  A while back, Tom and I took our spring break to travel to the East coast and present Andrea’s Voice where we were invited. We spoke to packed rooms, evidence of the desire for more information on eating disorders. After speaking at a university in New York, I received an […]

Body of Knowledge

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Today is my niece’s birthday.  A year ago she graduated from college and I wrote this piece.  I thought I would re-post it today. Back in “the day” we didn’t have graduations from pre-school, elementary school or junior high school.  The first official graduation ceremony was high school and for some of us that was […]

No Offense, But I Was Just Kidding: Dealing with Mean Jokes

This Guest Post graciously submitted by Rachel Simmons. “When girls say ‘just kidding,’ what percentage of the time are they really joking?” It’s one of my favorite questions to ask girls, and I rarely hear numbers in double digits. That’s because “just kidding,” and its cousin, “no offense,” are phrases girls (and guys, though less […]

5 Tips for Staying Sane When the “Bikini Season” Talk Starts to Get Crazy

We surveyed our audience and nearly 60% of you said that the body talk around you this time of year is constant. Everyone seems to be stressing about the start of “bikini season.” Is it possible to keep a healthy perspective? Yes, it can be done! And we’ve got you covered–so you don’t have to […]

Jenni Schaefer Genuinely Loves How She Looks. Do you?

I had to re-post this Huffington gem written by the brilliant Jenni Schaefer whom I so adore.  In her article, she courageously does the one thing that so many of us have struggled (or will struggle?) a lifetime to do.  Whether we have struggled from an eating disorder or serious illness or not, Jenni Schaefer […]

LIKE THE WATER. film. paying tribute to those we lost: a greater gift for those who remain.

This guest post graciously submitted by Caroline von Kuhn Last year an actor friend of mine approached me to write and direct a film with her. We gave each other one month to find the story we wanted to explore, knowing only we would write it together and shoot it in her hometown in Maine. […]

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