Thursday, January 21, 2021

The Power of Role Models: A Young Woman’s Lifelong Bond With One of America’s Most Influential Political Figures

When Joslyn Smith told me about her lifelong correspondence with one of America’s most influential political figures … and the resulting chain of events that ensued … I had to film her experience.

For so many young people, they believe that there is no way out of their situation — regardless of what it is.

In this courageous 7 minute story, Joslyn shares her journey and the profound impact that one role model had on her life.

Robyn Hussa, MFA, E-RYT, is Founder and CEO of NORMAL, for which she was awarded the 2010 Champion in Women’s Health award from Ms. Sue Ann Thompson and the Wisconsin Women’s Health Foundation. Ms. Hussa is also a professional performer and New York producer and President of WhiteElephant productions in New York City. She is the Editor of the WeAreTheRealDeal blog site and author of Healthy Selfitude.

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