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Subconscious Mind Control and Limiting Beliefs

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It is essential that an individual learns to control his limiting beliefs that are being produced by his subconscious mind in order to take control of his life. If one changes the way he perceives things, these things may actually change based on how he perceives it- that is how powerful the subconscious mind control is. It can change one’s life based on how he wants it to be.

Some people say things like “ I can never pass”, “ I can never be good enough” or “I always have bad luck”; all these statements are called “limiting beliefs”. Limiting beliefs are thoughts that an individual’s mind believes whether it is a fact or not. Our subconscious mind documents all experiences in our life, all the things that has been said to us, all these become part of our limiting beliefs.

“I’m not good enough” is the most common limiting belief. Almost each one of us may have used this statement some time in our life. Most predates back in their childhood days when the expectations are higher and most failed to meet those. Once an individual fails to overcome this statement and have it removed from his subconscious, this will affect all the positive things left to oneself. Even if he can do it, a person may think that he is not good enough.

The statement “I’m not good enough” can give birth to more negative statements such as “I don’t deserve it”. This new statement may affect the person’s willingness to change- to be good enough because he thinks he doesn’t deserve it. His subconscious will perceive that he is not good enough; therefore he doesn’t deserve to be better which may cause him to miss all great opportunities and feel even more miserable. If you are the type of person who are resistant to changes or is always pessimistic on things, then you might have limiting beliefs.

If one wants to be successful, he might be willing to find a way to develop the power of subconscious mind control. Battling with our limiting beliefs may be tough since we are battling with our own self. The advantage though is that “it’s all in the mind”. One may follow these steps to empower the subconscious mind control.

  • Identify all the limiting beliefs that you have. Once an individual is able to identify them it will be easier to deal with. The problem has been identified therefore one can start identifying the possible resolutions to eradicate them. There will be more room for new thoughts and the energy that used to be consumed by the negative thought may be used for something else.
  • List all the limiting beliefs in a piece of paper. It is important that you write them in detail: when did it happen, why it happened, how it happened and what can be done to resolve it. It is not required that you write them all at once, try to focus on one item first.
  • Go over your list. Ask yourself if what you have written is a fact. Once you have realized the limiting belief that needs to be worked on, you may start using different techniques to help control the mind such as visualization or meditations. Change the negative statement to a positive one like “I’m not good enough” to “I’m good”; “I don’t deserve it” to “I deserve it”. Putting these positive thoughts in your head will start a new change.
  • Replace the negative with positive. Reward your body with a relax mind, loosen up and constantly feed your mind with happy thoughts. Practice using the statements as an exercise, meditation statement, or a regular food for the mind.

During the process, you might have realized that most of these limiting beliefs that are associated with your life experiences were facts. Before changing your beliefs, make sure that the new beliefs that you will be feeding your subconscious are real. Soon, you will see that your subconscious mind control is able to bring a positive change in your life and all things will get better and better each day.

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