Saturday, November 28, 2020

Law of Attraction for Money and Wealth

This Guest Post graciously submitted by the Silva Method team. Check out the article about the law of attraction and  how to use daily affirmations to attract success

In this world of economic upheaval, it is difficult to understand and keep up to date on all that is happening.  Many people find themselves unable to think past their own circumstances and how the economy is wreaking havoc on their finances.  But there is a belief that the world has enough for all of us and that at any given time anyone can use the law of attraction to get at that money and wealth.  This law states that anything a person thinks about, does, says, and wishes can come to fruition.  You only need to learn how to use the law to work in your favor.

Think about what it is you truly want.  Maybe it’s enough money to pay for your children to go to college, buy a new car for yourself, or just have enough money in the bank to cover anything you may need for years to come.  Decide with exactness what you want.  Generally, beginning with smaller goals helps to ease yourself into practicing the law and learning how to use it to your benefit.  Let’s say you are feeling financially pinched and just want to be able to pay your monthly bills on time.  This is a great starting place.  Begin to say things like, “I enjoy making enough money to pay my bills and not be late making any payments.”  If you begin to speak about yourself as if you have the money, the money will slowly begin to come to you.

The law of attraction isn’t just something you can say once or twice and see your wishes fulfilled.  You must say it daily and also put into place the necessary work to allow it to happen to you.  For example, maybe they offer overtime at work.  If you agree to do a little more work so that you are able to pay all of your bills, you will see that extra money.  Being appreciative of the extra money will in turn begin to direct the universe to send you more opportunities for making money and getting out of the rat race.  The law of attraction is one in which you need to show your appreciation to the universe for all of the many gifts in life you already have.  Regardless of your circumstances, even if they seem dire, you have things to be thankful for.

After you begin to change your mindset with sayings and actions, remember to stay specific.  When you are able to get your head above water and pay all of your bills on time, redesign your wants and desires to reflect your new goals.  Maybe now you’d like to have several months’ salary in a savings account for a rainy day.  Begin by saying, “My savings account grows daily and I do everything in my power to aid in that growth.”  This statement is true on several levels.  First, savings accounts usually make interest, even if a small amount, so it is growing.  If you are doing everything in your power to help it grow faster, such as finding unique money making opportunities to help facilitate that growth, it will happen even faster.  The more you put into it, the faster it grows.

Remember that how much you believe in the law will be directly reflected in how it works for you.  If you don’t take it seriously and don’t say your statements daily you will most likely be disappointed in the outcome.  Know that you must work to help these things happen for you and with time all of your dreams can be realized.  As you focus on your goals and see them happen, take the time to revise your goals accordingly to meet your needs.

Using the law of attraction for money and wealth will become easier the more you use it.  Your mind will begin to believe what you say to it and will act accordingly.  The more you believe and show your appreciation to the universe for what it sends your way, the more the law will work for you.  Begin by knowing that it takes time and repetition to start the process, but with dedication, the law of attraction can help you to find success with money and wealth for years to come.

This Guest Post graciously submitted by the Silva Method team. Check out the article about the law of attraction and  how to use daily affirmations to attract success



4 Responses to “Law of Attraction for Money and Wealth”
  1. Tamara says:

    Meditation is a great way to start clearing your mind so that you can focus (with the right amount of intensity and exactness) on what you want. Great article Robyn!

  2. Anyone interested in attracting good into their life should start by saying thank you for everything, everyday. Even bills. They gave you a service, say thank you, and be happy to pay for it. Money is on its way to you anyway, so say thank you. Watch this video, you will love Bob.

  3. Allurajai says:

    Consistency and repetition are important to make the Law of Attraction work, but more important is helping yourself feel the feelings you would have once your goals were achieved. Not always easy. What I’ve found helpful is the Awaken to Wealth Program of David Adelson’s (He’s my ex, so you know his work must be good if I still recommend it!) It helps you align your personal frequencies with that of wealth, and I recommend it! Good luck!

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