Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Baking Therapy

This guest post graciously contributed by The Baker Chick.

When I started my blog in February 2011 I was desperate for a new creative outlet. Being an actor in NYC, I often felt like I wasn’t really able to use the artist side of myself. So, I thought that creating something- anything would help. I wanted to wake up in the mornings and make something out of nothing- instead of feeling sad if I didn’t have any auditions that day.

Baking and blogging changed my life so much for the better. There is something so therapeutic about baking for me. I start with flour, sugar, eggs and butter. I mix them, measure them, put them in the oven and end up creating something wonderful. I really love the routine of it: cream the butter, crack the eggs, measure the flour just right. I find it soothing to know that if I follow the directions perfectly- I’ll end up with something wonderful.

I never would have thought that I would find so much comfort in the kitchen but I really do. When my mind is all over the place and I need a little calm, I blast the music, throw on a cute apron and make something- anything. To me, it’s all about the process- not the result. (I am more than happy to give away the result to all my friends and neighbors.)

I have also discovered how much I love photographing my finished products. I never would have imagined that I would be good at it, but there is something so special about capturing the essence of something you created. First I find the perfect light, then I dress up the space to look clean and clutter free, then I stand back, choose what I want to focus on and snap away. I love it.

When I look back at the last year or so of being a “baking blogger,” I can’t really imagine my life without it. I get so excited when I realize that someone, anyone out there is reading and enjoying what started as a small hobby for my creative well-being. I don’t always need that validation, but it makes me feel like I am doing something right. ☺

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