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You Don’t Have to Fit into Clothes: Clothes Have to Fit You

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In this episode of True Beauty Podcast, Judy and Anne-Sophie talk about one of the trickiest issues for women: clothes.
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“Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.”
~Judy Garland

So often, we try to be someone else, try to look, talk and act like other people instead of figuring out who we really are and what unique gifts we have to offer to the world. However, only if we connect with our innermost thoughts are we able to be the most authentic version of ourselves. Other people will be drawn to that.

Judy and Anne-Sophie are very honest about their own struggles with clothes and how to fit in while growing up. Both are still insecure about the choices they make and how others (aka society) think about that, but they are on their way towards embracing and accepting their bodies and decorating them in the way they deserve.

They talk about sizes, colors, misconceptions and how we can fight them. They also share the freeing, yet emotional process of letting go off that one pair of jeans you’ve always wanted to fit into.

The video we where talking about:
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