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What is causing my Hair Loss?

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Hair loss isn’t a straightforward condition and there can be many reasons for the thinning or shedding of hair. However, once you know the reason you can do one of three things:

1)Find a solution to your hair loss, in the form of medication or hair transplant treatments.

2)Hide your hair loss, with wigs, weaves or hats.

3)Accept your hair loss and embrace your new look.


Below are some of the most common causes of hair loss and the possible solutions to your problem.


1)   Pattern Baldness: Pattern baldness can affect both men and women and usually occurs once you have passed the age of 30. Men with pattern baldness will suffer hair loss along the hairline and the crown, while women shed hair along the sides and top of their heads. Pattern baldness is hereditary and involves the DHT hormone disrupting the hair follicles’ production of hair.

Solution: As pattern baldness is genetic there is no complete solution to the problem. However, hair growth medications such as finasteride and minoxidil have been found to not only prevent further hair loss, but also promote hair growth. Such medication do come with side effects, including impotence, so if you are looking for a solution that does not involve medication, but is still effective, you may want to consider hair transplant treatment. Transplants procedures have greatly advanced over the last few years, with male celebrities such as England footballer Wayne Rooney opting for the treatment to thicken their hair and replace lost growth.

2)   Alopecia Areata: Alopecia is an autoimmune disorder, which can affect men, women and children of any age. Alopecia occurs when the body sends white blood cells to attack the hair follicles, mistaking them for a threat. This causes the hair follicles to shut down the production of hair, which may cause patches of hair loss or complete hair loss. It isn’t completely understood what triggers the body’s autoimmune response, but extreme stress is thought to be a factor.

Solutions: The hair follicles of those who suffer with alopecia are actually dormant rather than dead, so it is possible for the hair to start growing again in time. However, research is inconclusive into how such regeneration can be achieved manually, so the sufferer may have to wait for many years for the hair to naturally regrow, and even then there is no guarantee that it will. Corticosteroids can be used to counteract the body’s auto immune response and prevent further hair loss, but again there are no certainties with the treatment. In general those who suffer with alopecia find wigs, hats and bandanas to be a great solution and with today’s wigs more realistic and secure than before your new hair may actually look better than your old hair! Celebrities such as Beyonce, Katie Perry and Tyra Banks all wear what are known as lace wigs and you would never be able to tell that is wasn’t their own hair, so you needn’t feel any embarrassment at the thought of wearing a wig to hide your hair loss.

3)   Pregnancy and hair loss: During pregnancy a woman’s body producing a greater level of the oestrogen hormone, which in turn prevents hair from naturally falling out as it does during its regular cycle. Oestrogen also promotes the production of more hair. This can lead to a truly gorgeous mane of hair during pregnancy, but 3-6 weeks after birth this influx of hormones decreases dramatically, as does the production of new hair and the follicles’ attempts to hold on to old hair. This may result in mass shedding, but rest assured that after 6 months your hair cycle will be back to normal.

Solutions: To maintain some of the lovely hair growth your pregnancy has given you refrain from towel drying your hair, wearing your hair up in tight styles or using heated appliances too much. You may not be able to stop the hair loss completely, but in the end your hair will return to its normal thickness.

This post graciously submitted by Becky Mackay — likes to write on a number of different beauty and health related topics, but at the moment her main interest in hair care. For other top tips on hair and beauty visit her Twitter page @FreshHealth1

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