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Spring Break Diets??

Bikinis & Bathing Suits, Toning Up, Beaches, Dieting, Friends, Losing Weight, Vacation, Fun, & Watching What You Eat = Spring Break 2012! —- Wait a minute –something about that doesn’t sound right!

That’s because it’s not. Spring Break is supposed to be about taking time off from school to refresh your mind, body and spirit. But how many of you know friends who ‘prepare’ for Spring Break by: spending extra time at the gym to “tone up”; going on a diet; trying to lose weight, or watching what they eat? This “I’ve got to lose weight before Spring Break” mentality can be very dangerous. It wreaks havoc on the body and on the mind. It disrupts metabolisms, weakens immune systems, and often is followed by “rebounding” —gaining weight after the “pre Spring Break diet” ceases –which can lead to increased dissatisfaction with one’s body, depression, binges, and it can also lead to eating disorders. (not to mention, this way of ‘prepping’ is not much fun at all!)

So what can you do to prevent this from happening to you and your friends? You can sign the Spring Break Pledge 2012!!

(here’s the Pledge you’ll sign via the above link)

I, _____________________ (insert your name there) choose to refuse to diet, tone up, lose weight, etc. in preparation for Spring Break 2012! And I ask my friends to join with me.

I choose to encourage myself and my friends to embrace our natural shape and size.

I choose to encourage myself and my friends to say only kind things about our bodies.

I choose to encourage myself and my friends to not spend time comparing our bodies to others.

I choose to encourage myself and my friends to stop and get help if any of us are engaging in behaviors like dieting for Spring- Break or working out extra, as these are behaviors that can lead to disordered eating and eating disorders

I choose to encourage myself and my friends to stop and get help if any of us are restricting what we eat in exchange for “drinking” our calories (alcohol)

I choose to encourage myself and my friends to make self care, relaxation, and speaking kindly towards my & others’ bodies a priority on Spring Break 2012

And lastly: I choose to encourage myself and my friends to ban together in health and wisdom and not fall victim to the diet-mentality that plagues millions of Americans. I choose to love my body and recognize that My Body Is Beautiful Because it is Alive!


The Gail R. Schoenbach F.R.E.E.D. Foundation and Voices in Recovery created the “Spring Break Pledge 2012!” as way to encourage young women & men to choose better than a ‘quick-fix’ preparation (ie: diet/weight-loss/tone-up) for Spring Break and rather, enjoy a Spring Break focused on fun, health and relaxation!” — Please sign the Pledge and forward on to your friends and family!

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3 Responses to “Spring Break Diets??”
  1. Ashley says:

    We live in a society of extremes. Either people are obsessed with their weight and how their body looks and are often taking dangerous measure to achieve the look they want, or they don’t care about weight…but also don’t care about their eating habits, health, or lifestyle and are cramming whatever looks good down their throats in abundance all while sitting sedentary 16 hours a day. Whatever happened to balance? Whatever happened to loving and respecting your body by not torturing it by trying to change it’s shape or size, but also eating healthy and moving your ass for a few hours a day just because it’s good for you. Not many people seem to have that mentality. It’s either kill yourself trying to look good or don’t give a shit, let’s all gorge on chocolate cake!

    • I have to agree with you. Our society is built on extremes it seems. I definitely fell into this category when I was battling anorexia. It was all black or white – no middle ground. Love the idea of this Spring Break contract. It’s about time we start learning to love ourselves and live a life enjoying ourselves, our bodies and our blessings !

    • Thanks, Ashley for sharing your mind. ~ Thankfully we don’t have to participate in a “society of extremes” –that’s the cool part about being a healthy individual –we can choose what we want our life to be.
      But I think it’s important for us to each be compassionate to the people who might not feel they have a choice; especially those suffering eating and body image disorders or disordered eating. Those are serious disorders and truly effect the mind & body in dangerous ways –often to the extreme you mention above– and it’s not a choice for them.
      I applaud you encouraging ‘a return to balance’ –and I think calling that to the attention of people will help in ED and body image prevention efforts. Teaching balance in all areas of health might help prevent ppl from participating in extreme behaviors that lead them into a disorder.
      I hope you are in balance with your life today 🙂 Thanks again for sharing!

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