Thursday, December 3, 2020

Harmless “accessory” or painful torture device…

Not too differant from 2012

These are marketed as "powerful" but really end up dis-empowering women

If you have ever worn spanx you will know the torturous nature that a regular trip to the loo during a busy day can become. It takes you a good five minutes of wriggling and doing “the twist” to get them in place again before you head back out into your day. You check yourself in the mirror and see a smoothed out silhouette with fewer bumps, lumps, and curves, and somehow it gives your greater confidence as you walk down the hall. You sit down and immediately the tight girdle begins to creep from up under your rib cage downward, inch by inch, like a toothpaste roller getting the last little bits out of the tube. You end up with a band of bunched up spandex around your waist causing cramping, throbbing and bright red crease marks which are revealed when you finally get home and release yourself from this 19th century-like-corset torture device. I think we can collectively note the use of corsets in the 1800’s as being cruel and unusual punishment that women endured in order to appear more desirable or on trend- despite the barbaric consequence of the necessity for “fainting couches.” I feel like most would agree that this fad was silly, dangerous, and demeaning for women. However, many of us today are more than willing to squeeze ourselves in an out of whatever body shaper is clean and in the top drawer. I have been guilty of binding my body in this way, conforming to the idea that less curves = better. No pain no gain right? But I realized one day, during a meeting as I tried to fight the urge to relieve the painful pressure on my stomach caused by the shaper, that I was definitely not gaining much by wearing it. Not only did it physically hurt, but it also reinforced the idea that curves are bad, and that the way my body is naturally “needs fixing.” As I became more aware of just how contrary to my beliefs about self worth and body image this all was, I had a delightful realization: that in refusing to wear this seemly innocuous undergarment I could also be rejecting bad body image messages I had internalized from media, society, Hollywood, etc. Since that day I haven’t gone back- and let me tell you, my trips to the bathroom are much shorter, my meetings less painful, and overall my body image issues LESS prominent. Life is too short to be squeezed like a tube of toothpaste, and anyway I would rather wear my confidence from the inside out!


One Response to “Harmless “accessory” or painful torture device…”
  1. “I would rather wear my confidence from the inside out!” Love this! Shine on! What would the world be like if women accepted who they are at their present weight, skipped the hatred, and used that time & energy saved for something important like education & ridding the world of poverty?

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