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Activism 101

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What is activism?  Who does it?  How is it done?

There are more answers to these questions than one might imagine.  We live in a unique world where we all have the oppurtunity to make change and we are all capable of doing it in different ways.  That being said – Lets talk about who is an activist.

An activist is an individual who puts forth effort to create a change in the world that they believe makes it a better place.  This can mean for a small group of people, the whole country or the whole world.

Some of us do this by raising money, some by writing blogs, some by voting in every election, some by using new media tools to raise awareness and create change, some by using a theoretical lens encompassing equality or that is anti-racist, sexist, so on and so forth.

Each act, whether tiny or massive, adds to the enormous grouping of tasks taking place across the universe and helps propel us towards a world that we create.

I look forward to using this section of WATRD to talk about types of activism, methods, and small acts all over the world.


Thanks for tuning in and thanks for creating change!



Photo courtesy of G Codrin

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