Tuesday, January 19, 2021

The Right Lube for You

One of the common problems most women experience especially in their pre-menopausal years is the decrease of vaginal lubrication during sex.  Without enough lubrication, sexual activity during these times is uncomfortable and non-pleasurable.  Because of this, the use of personal lubricants (sex lube) is highly popular.  But before buying a lubricant, be sure that you buy the right one that is suitable for you.

Before thinking about sexual pleasure, you should always prioritize your vaginal health.  This is why you should learn how to find lubricants that are safe to use.  You don’t want to end up getting vaginal infection or yeast after a night of slimy adventure, right?  Below are some useful tips and alternatives in finding a safe lube that won’t compromise your vaginal health.

Water-based Lubricants – These are the most widely-used sex lubes because they are water-soluble. Experts recommend these lubes to be used in safer sex because they don’t damage condoms like oil-based lubes.  Aside from that, water based lubricants have low chances of causing skin irritation because of its water component.  Sample lube products which are water-based include Babelube (Babeland), Astroglide® (Biolm, Inc.), Just Like Me® (Pure Romance), K-Y Liquid® (Johnson & Johnson) and Sweet Seduction® (Pure Romance).

Oil-based Lubricants – These types of lubricants are not compatible with most condoms and should not be used by women who are not planning to conceive.  But, if you are someone who wish to avoid the side effects brought by the additives or preservatives often found in other lubricants (i.e. water-based lubricants), oil-based lubes might be suitable for you. *Note, oil-based lubes like Vaseline and lotion are not recommended for intercourse.

Silicon-based Lubricants – Unlike oil-based lubes, most silicon-based lubricants are designed to be used with condoms.  They are produced to be chemically compatible with latex condoms.  Unlike water-based ones (which dry up fast), they remain slippery for a longer period of time.

Other types of sex lubes include fertility, organic or natural, anal-specific, male-masturbation-specific, and specialty lubricants.   Lubricants are useful in lessening the pain during sexual intercourse and can also help you obtain your natural vaginal lubrication again.  But, it is very important to use these products with care as these lubes have some ingredients that can cause vaginal yeasts or infections.  Organic lubes include Astroglide Natural, Sliquid Organics

This fabulous Guest Post is from Edith Gordon — a freelance writer and a health blogger.  She’s currently doing some online research about vaginal mesh lawsuit and related topics.  She can be reached through twitter @edithgordon.

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