Thursday, February 25, 2021

The ABC’s of Happiness

I met Rob Gonzalez in high school and he is one of the most talented musicians and brilliant writers I have ever known.  This is his first blog post as Contributor on the Real Deal.  Robyn Hussa, WATRD.

This is my first post, so I guess I better make it good. My friend Robyn, who I’ve known for many lifetimes, has asked me to scribe a few lines about surviving the roller coaster ride of being a professional music artist, and I am happy to oblige her.

I heard somebody say once that we become artists not because we want to, but because we simply have to, because our soul gives us no other choice. That pretty much sums up the whole deal for me. The rewards can be huge (not necessarily in a financial way), but the life sacrifices and the work load required just to survive are even more huge. Sometimes the disparity between the rewards and the sacrifices can almost seem too great to deal with. But, at the end of the day, it’s the art and the chance to express ourselves through the making of that art that gets us through. Most artists know–deep down–no other experience would feel as authentic.

There was a point in my late 20s when I studied philosophy, eventually getting my degree. I looked to philosophy to give me answers to the many questions that I was asking deep down, but also to help me write better songs with deeper, more meaningful lyrics. Along the way, I started formulating my “belief system” based on the ideas I was studying. The process took years. One day I sat down and turned all those scattered ideas into a sort of poem or prayer or meditation. I used the alphabet to help me remember it. Because Robyn has asked me to share it, here it is for you now. I hope it brings whomever who reads it the same inner peace that it brings to me. These are the words that I tell myself when the roller coaster ride of being an artist gets scary. They’re also the words I tell myself even when things are rolling along smoothly, and all I can feel is the gentle breeze of the ride. I call it, “The ABCs of Happiness.” Hope you enjoy reading it.


The ABC’s of Happiness

by Rob Gonzalez


With gratitude in my heart, I am here to:

Accept higher love, gifts and abundance

Accept and love myself as I am

Accept responsibility for my past

Accept that everything today is exactly as it should be

Acknowledge the unlimited pure potential of the future

Ask for help and guidance

Believe in myself

Be a Brave knight of Compassion

Be Calm, Cool, Collected, Confident

Detached to all outcomes

Ever Faithful, Fearless, and Forgiving

ever Grateful and Giving

ever Humble, living in Harmony with nature

with a Healthy mind, body and spirit

choosing Happiness in all possible moments

(including this moment right now)

choosing Integrity in all my actions

enjoying the Journey of life

remembering Karma (we reap what we sow)

Listening to my heart

Manifesting my heart’s desires for (list 5 things)

practicing Non-judgement for we are ultimately all One

with oneness, wholeness and openness in my heart, I am

Patiently, Quietly

Radiating outward like the Sun

in Service to others, attracting my Soulmate

Thank you

into the Universe I am releasing this

Vision of my life fully lived

Walking the path of the

eXtraordinary, forever Young in a balanced, blissful state of

Zen (acknowledging the gift inherent in each present moment)


Photo courtesy of Chaiwat

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