Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Wherever you are now … call it perfection.



With gratitude to my mentor, Debra Mundt, for introducing me to this quote in 2007
while sharing her wisdom and certifying me to be a yoga instructor. Namaste! Robyn


One Response to “Wherever you are now … call it perfection.”
  1. I’m all for self acceptance and for appreciating our attributes. It’s essential to have my clients reframe their self talk with a focus on the positive, not dwelling on where they are falling short.

    That said,I’m struggling with the second quote. If it is always perfect at any moment, what incentive is there to push for change when change may truly be needed? We can all benefit from honest, fair evaluation. How would anyone work on improving their well being on any level if they accepted where they are now as perfection? Quite the conundrum–it would mean accepting your negative self image and self disgust as perfection, too?

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