Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Healthy Selfitude — a Sexy Way to Self-Acceptance

Enjoy this excerpt from Robyn Hussa’s book, Healthy Selfitude

They say that when we are born we don’t come with an owner’s manual.  Some individuals work their entire lives to uncover “how they work”.  In addition, they say we are handed a metaphoric “backpack of garbage” passed on from our ancestors.  Over time, I have learned that these are actually the first true gifts we receive when we are born.  We can choose to investigate these truths and histories … or we can choose not to.  Our journey is perhaps about finding the courage to one-day un-zip that backpack and see its contents from a place of mindfulness and childlike curiosity, in an attempt to stop the cycles that precede us.

It is time to journey toward a life filled with Healthy Selfitude and internal peace.

Healthy Selfitude is an attitude of worth.  A sexy way to self-acceptance.

The concept for Healthy Selfitude derived from my own personal work in therapy, in performing arts and in the world of yoga.  Often, I would find myself feeling selfish when I would consider putting my own needs, feelings, or health first.  I was always putting the needs of others first, so I was really uncomfortable learning the idea that it isn’t selfish to want to care for myself. My sister would remind me of the image we are taught when riding in an airplane: “you must put on your own oxygen mask, before helping others.”

I invented the term “healthy selfitude” to help me feel empowered about taking care of myself first, rather than feeling selfish.

Let’s face it, for whatever reasons, we just don’t get as much of this kind of training in school or at home.

Healthy Selfitude helps us filter out the external noise that prevents our internal voice from coming through and – in so doing – provides us keys to unlock our powerful, autonomous self.

What are some ways you can employ a little Healthy Selfitude today?

Robyn Hussa, MFA, E-RYT, is Founder and CEO of NORMAL, for which she was awarded the 2010 Champion in Women’s Health award from Ms. Sue Ann Thompson and the Wisconsin Women’s Health Foundation. Ms. Hussa is also a professional performer and New York producer. She is the co-Founder of the Drama Desk and Obie award-winning Off-Broadway theatre company, Transport Group, for which she won the 2007 Drama Desk award for the company’s breadth of vision and presentation of challenging productions.   She is the Editor of the WeAreTheRealDeal blog site and author of Healthy Selfitude — a result of Hussa’s in-depth training in the performing arts, voice, movement, and yoga. She holds a Master’s in Fine Arts and is an E-RYT yoga instructor with the Yoga Alliance.

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