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CALL TO ACTION Join NORMAL BEDA and ANAD to inform the Disney Corporation that it is NOT okay to promote weight stigmatization through its harmful “Habit Heros”campaign

My Personal Challenge: No Gym for One Year

Over the last year I have been engaged in a personal experiment and challenge: to stop working out in a gym for one year, while simultaneously eating what I love (aka NOT dieting), and eat those foods when I want to.  My little self-imposed test has led to many surprising results …

Role Models Help Us Shape Identity

Dedicated in loving memory to Mizzar, I thought I’d share a post about an important role model in my life.  An 80-something voice teacher with whom I had the privilege of studying for 7 years.  The way in which this mentor appeared in my life, is as important as her role …

The ABC’s of Happiness

I met Rob Gonzalez in high school and he is one of the most talented musicians and brilliant writers I have ever known.  This is his first blog post as Contributor on the Real Deal.  Robyn Hussa, WATRD. This is my first post, so I guess I better make it good. My friend Robyn, who […]

Why The Real Deal? A Letter From The Editor.

I grew up in the Midwest: good, old-fashioned, family style.  Strong family values, committed and loving parents, siblings, an abundance of music, arts, gardening, camping, cooking, clubs, friends and outings. I was a Miss Badgerette award-winning dancer / pom-pon girl, a first-chair clarinet player, singer, actress, social butterfly and a super-achieving kid.  Despite these external […]

Is Body Image About Sexual Attractiveness?

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In honor of eating disorder awareness and “love your body” week, I have been speaking a great deal about body image.  In preparing my presentations, I decided to research the literal definitions of body image and learned some cool facts …

Happy Birthday Barbie. Eat Your Cake.

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She’s about to turn 53, and her measurements are 39-19-33. Due to her low body weight — an emaciated 100 lbs. — she lost the ability to menstruate long ago. The aging “Teen-age Fashion Model,” first sported a black and white zebra striped swimsuit and clothing by fashion designer Charlotte Johnson. The blond (or sometimes […]

What is body image and how can it be improved?

To anyone else Melissa would appear to have a “perfect” body, svelte, athletic. But to this gymnast from Elkins Park, Pa. her body is anything but perfect. “I look in the mirror and all I see is fat. Fat arms, legs. I do what I can to try to change my body, but am always […]

Wherever you are now … call it perfection.

    With gratitude to my mentor, Debra Mundt, for introducing me to this quote in 2007 while sharing her wisdom and certifying me to be a yoga instructor. Namaste! Robyn

Healthy Selfitude — a Sexy Way to Self-Acceptance

Enjoy this excerpt from Robyn Hussa’s book, Healthy Selfitude They say that when we are born we don’t come with an owner’s manual.  Some individuals work their entire lives to uncover “how they work”.  In addition, they say we are handed a metaphoric “backpack of garbage” passed on from our ancestors.  Over time, I have […]

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