Saturday, November 28, 2020

Create a Poetry Jam to Raise Body Acceptance!

Need to improve body image in your school or community?

Consider hosting a poetry “jam” — or concert — to help raise awareness encourage others to embrace health at every size.

This is a great way to bring together communities through the arts.  In the following example, individuals in recovery from eating disorders were encouraged to submit entries of poetry that highlighted their new perspective on body, self-image and identity.  The selected “winning” entries were compiled together by a professional theatre director to create a poetry concert and fantastic night in the theatre. Click here to watch the 9 minute poetry jam.

Poetry Jam

Professional actors in Milwaukee, WI present a live poetry “jam” at INSIDE OUT, 2011

Add music, lights and an audience and you are well on your way to a cool and innovative program that will inspire and empower others.

Start planning now and use this as part of NEDAwareness 2012 programming in your school or university.  For other programming ideas, click here!






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