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Lingerie League: A League of HIS own

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This Guest Post is by Snezna.

LingerieLeagueGobsmacked, incredulous and a serious WTF moment hit me this week as I was watching a current affairs program with a story about Lingerie League hitting Australian shores. As I watched in disbelief, a group of highly attractive, model-esque girls battle it out on the football field….in their lingerie!

Yup – teeny knickers, bra, essential shoulder padding and a helmet. That’s it. First thought to cross my mind was, ummmm…what’s with the shoulder padding when the rest of their bodies are totally exposed? These poor girls are surely subjected to serious injury in all their glorious exposure, not to mention, serious perving by, I’m sure, the men who invented this sports parody.


Lingerie Football

Mitch Mortaza

Sure enough. My research revealed that Lingerie League had its beginning in 2009, created by a man, Mitch Mortaza, a one time Blind Date contestant. Really??? It has since grown to be a league across a number of States in America, into Canada and now hitting our shores.

Seriously disturbing. Not only did this male fantasy of near naked women rolling around on the football field get launched but has managed to secure a following that is taking it across the Atlantic!

The women in his game are serious athletes. You only have to watch a few minutes to understand that they play hard and serious. And they want to be taken seriously ….in their cutely matching underwear. Right. So why the hell do they have to be wearing underwear to play football????

Yes, yes, I know gymnasts, swimmers are as scantily clad but their get-up is specially related to their performance. If football was better played in underwear then sure, bring it on, men in jock straps playing it rough on the field. But, it would seem that in all the years, dating back to just after the Civil War, that American football has been played, NO-ONE has thought up the idea of having male players prance around in their underwear. Hmmmmm

This is tits and arse titillation at its best. Hot chicks in underwear playing your fave sport….it doesn’t get much better than that, ha???? And, I’m sure the predominantly male, beer swivelling crowd is watching more for wardrobe malfunctions than a great tackle. And, when you are wearing your underwear whilst playing football, wardrobe malfunctions happen. A lot. .

And here’s the thing. It is hard enough for women to be on a level playing field in the highly competitive world of sport. An age-old difference between men and women is physical strength. But, over the years, women have busted this myth, by at times matching male athletes in strength, skill and speed. So, what better way to bring those women back down by bringing it back to SEX. Because if we   objectify her sexually playing a predominantly male sport then she can’t be seen as equal…can she?

The women who play this sport will argue that they are tough, athletic and play hard. And they do. But, why not take a stand and be able to play the sport on a level playing field . As the boys do. Fully clothed and, I may add, fully protected.

And let’s not kid ourselves that this is not about sex selling the sport. With names like LA Temptation, Dallas Desire, Fantasy, coupled with these hot chicks, how is this not about sexual objectification????

And , why aren’t there women of all sizes? Afterall, not all football dudes are slim with a six-pack. In Lingerie League every player is perfectly shaped and toned. If this was truly about sports then where are the girls of all shapes and sizes here?

The coach interviewed on TV said: “I have the best job in the world.” HAHAHAHHA….oh yes, he was smug and the comment was absolutely full of innuendo. Does this happen in the real male league — females coaches having a wink wink nudge nudge with other chicks over the fact they get to work with hunky men in their underwear and isn’t that a hoot???? Nope doesn’t happen. And I can bet you will never happen because men would not allow their game to be brought down to needing the gimmick of sex to sell seats.

Come on girls…can we not see that this as setting women in sport and in achievement back decades. And, before anyone takes the you are so uptight and have issues with sexy women ..I don’t. If you wanna be a stripper …your choice, am all good with that. Because as a stripper the job is defined by you wearing little and taking it off. Football, last time I checked, is not a sport requiring lingerie. My point being, Lingerie Leagues is taking football into a league of HIS own…and that would be one where women will never be equal to their male counterparts. Sexist or sporting legends?


2 Responses to “Lingerie League: A League of HIS own”
  1. Wow… this is crazy. Never heard of this but I agree it is a sad sad deal.

  2. mamaV says:

    This totally ticks me off — but its “our” fault. These women are not being forced to do this. Why do they not think enough of themselves to say “no?”

    Its because they wouldn’t get the gig because there would be a million girls lined up behind them ready to show their booty to the world for their entertainment.

    To see these amazing athletes stoop this low is just depressing.

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