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American Appalling!

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This Guest Post is by Snezna.

Dov Charney pervert moron

I loathe to give this fashion label anymore publicity than they are obviously craving and by doing so am probably buying right into their play of controversy to spark attention, but their kiddy pornography disguised as advertising or indeed art, as some, creative types would deem it, makes American Apparel simply appalling.

I came across a recent advertising campaign of theirs promoting this season’s high-waisted pants. Said campaign featured two headless, topless girls thrusting their breasts sky high in an ad with the headline – Nice Pleats. Now, last time I checked, the core demographic of an American Apparel shopper would be…. teens?

The ad jolted me onto searching for American Apparel advertising. Certainly not because I wanted more of this teen titillation but because I was intrigued to see if this was a one off or standard for this well known and loved US retailer.

I could give you pages of advertising visuals of this ilk belonging to this brand. In fact, just check into their website and under the proud banners of photographs and advertising you can take a peek at their veritable peep show of young girls, scantily clad, in poses of semi-nakedness with lewd innuendo and sexual suggestion. Nah, strike that. There is nothing suggestive about their advertising. It is 100% blatant about shoving young looking girls at you in sexually charged contexts.

Then a little further searching…but trust me you don’t need to dig far…and the advertising isNipple shot of a child Dov Charney Genius Pervert promoted as featuring real girls that are not touched up (not in the photoshopping sense that it is!).

Seems the retailer’s owner, Dov Charney, uses employees…young girls who work in his stores rather than models in shots that he himself takes.

Like the current shot on the site of a girl who appears as if she is 12 and is lying suggestively on her back with 6 or so belts wrapped around herBelts American Apparel Perverted Ad by Dov Charney SuperStar exposed torso, with just a little boob showing and her hand covering the rest in what appears to be a caress. Oh yes, and this shot is to advertise belts that are sold by the retailer.

Then there’s the shot of a young girl on a bed, with her legs spread wide open, obviously naked from waist down, with a caption just covering her bits with the company’s logo.

Or, the sock ad. A young girl wearing only her socks and shorts in the main image, her hair justDov Charney The CEO Pig Pervert Child Molester of American Apparel covering her breasts, beside which sit a series of photographs suggestive of her masturbating with the tag line: Safe to Say She Loves Her Socks. Hysterical..ha ha!

Then the series of Meet and Greet pages of young girls in semi-naked with a little bit bio to accompany. Not to mention the countless shots of girls breasts, butts …it is a veritable smorgasbord of sexually charged imagery of young girls. And, yes, I’ve read that these girls are 18+ but they look 12 or 13. Since when did making pre-pubescent girls look sexy become OK??????

And then this interesting side bar. Mr Charney has 2 lawsuits against him from former employees…yes girls who appeared in these real girl ads and shots. One of the suits also has 3 other women co-filing. The charges – sexual assault. And, omg, surprise, surprise, the assaults took place on one of these said shoots and in the workplace.

Interesting, if you choose to work at AA then you have to sign a confidentiality agreement. Now, I’ve worked in retail. I’ve worked as a waitress. I’ve worked as a journalist. I’ve worked in PR. I now own my own skin care company. I don’t recall in any of my jobs have to sign a CA? Nor do I make any of my employees. Why on earth are you required to sign a CA, working on the floor of a fashion store???? Does that sound above board???

In life, if there’s mud it generally sticks. We’ll see how the legal dramas play out.

In the mean time, I know I am absolutely never stepping foot inside one of their stores. I am banning this retailer! I will not support in any way shape or form a company that takes such a blatantly disrespectful and exploitive approach to girls and women. It’s just sick. Young girls go to this site. What kind of message are they getting about their self worth or what it means to be a girl??? As a mom, I am not going to support someone’s desire to get their rocks off in the name of advertising and sales. Not doing it. I hope you join me!

Note from mamaV: What goes around comes around Donny Boy, bankruptcy is calling your name.


11 Responses to “American Appalling!”
  1. Jackie says:

    What a pig. That is putting it nicely.

  2. Xandra says:

    I totally agree. Just the other day I was talking about this with my bf… went to the site to prove that their ads made young looking girls look overly sexy for advertisements… Now, I knew their ads were sketchy, but they’ve gotten worse. topless models on the front page? of a website that also sells childrens clothing??? how is that even ok? I’m not sure how they’re getting away with it, but if you know of anyone to contact to complain, please post info- I’d definitely do it.

  3. JB says:

    Gosh, this company’s advertising is so shocking and offensive I’m almost lost for words. Why do they wish to alienate and upset so many potential customers? I sure hope that American Apparel never set up in the UK.

    • Jen says:

      Unfortunately they have stores in London – I’ve only graced their doorsteps a couple of times, but most of the clothes are sheer rubbish, and overpriced – best go to New Look instead 🙂

  4. .C. says:

    As usual, Snezna comes off as sex-phobic, hyperbolic, prudish and slightly ill-informed. American Apparel’s main target demographic is not young teens, but rather older teens to early twenties. Also, their main selling point is that they do not use sweatshops and all of their products are made in the USA – what about mentioning retailers that outright abuse women and children, such as Walmart? You rage against American Apparel for creating sexual imagery (with women who are of age and can make their own decisions, in an environment where all clothing ads are fairly sexual) while ignoring those who actually physically harm women. Yes, the ads are showing breasts. It just seems like there are more important things to get upset about. Unfortunately, this over-the-top ire seems to be a theme in Snezna’s posts.


    • mamaV says:

      Hey C. – very entertaining commentary as usual.

      You miss the point — this guy is raping women. Are you saying that we should compare this situation to alleged Walmart sweatshop abuse? Really?

      Tell me about all the GIRLS who are in the ads, where’s the proof they are “of age?”

      Sure, this is what the modeling industry is about, I am not proud to say I was a part of it at one time, but I am proud to publish a post such as this that points out the child molesters that this society tolerates for some unknown, bizarre reason.

      I’ll also take this opportunity to defend my contributor Szezna who you describe as prudish and sex-phobic. This is a place where we are supposed to listen, state opinions, and not stoop to the level of personal attacks.

      Let’s take it up a notch please, stay on topic, and keep the personal attacks out of it.

      • .C. says:


        I am not personally attacking Snezna; I am attacking her writing and topics. They tend to circle around clothing, and her viewpoint is invariably that women are showing too much skin. This is a valid criticism of her closemindedness.

        As for the rapes, that is obviously an issue, but not the one that this post centers around. I am staying on topic, as you request – I am talking about Snezna’s criticisms of the clothing and photography, which I disagree with.

        My points are valid – we should be thinking about issues that more pressingly affect women. For example, let’s talk about the issues Planned Parenthood is having with our government. MamaV, think – I am speaking from a different perspective, but it is absolutely valid.


        • David says:

          Your points are most certainly valid, it’s prudish, repressive attitudes that seem to think females breasts are evil and not to be shown and that a beautiful female body should somehow never be shown in any alluring manner. Might as well just put burkas on all the models and call it a day.

          If people don’t like the ads, which are of models who are of age btw, then they shouldn’t buy the clothes. Too bad they can’t stop whining about it instead, pushing their pent up aggressions onto everyone else.

  5. mamaV says:


    American Apparel now sells Laxative Tea


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