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HUGE Premiere: I am down with my fat!

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Judging by the promo for ABC’s new show HUGE, this program appeared to be some nightmarish drama making fun of fat kids in a backhanded kind of way, and that’s basically what it was — except I gotta admit there were some awesome scenes…and I am conflicted on whether or not this show is a GOOD thing.

If you didn’t watch the show, catch it here.

The setting: A fat camp

The main character: “Will” (female, short for Wilhelmina), you may recognize her from Hairspray, read about Nikki Blonsky.

The lot: Typical scenes of insecurity, exercise, dieting, and a drill instructor running around screaming at everyone. Accompanied by group therapy, hurt feelings, talk of getting “healthy.”

The good parts

The show starts off with the main character doing a strip tease in front of the entire camp of peers, as scene you have to watch, its just awesome. Later in the show, she comes out with the line “Sorry, but I am down with my fat. Me and my fat are like BFF,” which totally cracked me.

The mood of the show does a good job at showing the kids as “normal,” so good in fact that I found myself forgetting the point of the show, wouldn’t that be nice if that is how it worked in the real world?

When the girls are setting up their bunks — the “skinny” fat one posts thinspiration pictures of her favorite models, while another plasters up her motivational art that says “beauty is on the inside.” Kinda realistic no?

The not-so-good parts:

Will selling cupcakes at candy like a drug dealer. Funny at face value, but then I found myself feeling sad about it because it was contrived.

Typical pretty blond girl is the “skinny” fat one played by Hayley Hasselhoff, everyone hates her, but loves her at the same time. The guys are falling all over her, and the others are jealous. It really bugged me that this actress was cast for this role, she basically had one roll on her belly, and aside from that I don’t get where her weight issue was (see pic at right)

Since I felt so confused and torn on whether or not I liked this show, I buzzed around to see what some other body image focused women had to say;

Jess Weiner:

Sometimes we have to first work with these extremes in order to eventually normalize them and build upon them. And then hopefully we have a plethora of programs that feature diverse women’s stories regardless of their body size.

Dr. Robyn Silverman:

While it might seem useless to try to influence media and even suppose that our “choose your own adventure” feedback can make a difference, I think that in this case, our words have power. As part of the Confidence Community ™ and an Actionist® myself, I would rather see this as an opportunity for growth in acceptance than another jab at kids who don’t fit the photoshopped societal ideal. Of course, I’m an optimist. What do YOU think?

VoiceInRecovery said:

I find it hard to forget it’s about a weight loss camp…….So I am skeptical. I also have concerns with the poster they used for this show. If you look at it what do you think? Feel? She looks scared, insecure, and uncomfortable with herself. Maybe this is a good platform, maybe they will address confidence, and body image, and show her in the beginning unsure and grow as the character develops in the show and as topics are covered. A person on my Facebook page said: “I wish they chose a cover where she was smiling and not all trying to hide herself with an insecure, unsure look on her face. It was just the first thing I noticed. I’m looking forward to see what they will do with this show

Ok, your turn, let’s hear what you have to say!



5 Responses to “HUGE Premiere: I am down with my fat!”
  1. Ashley says:

    Thank you for posting a link to the episode! I missed it when it aired and I have been trying to find it since.

  2. Kat says:

    I dont like the poster of it. She looks scared and afraid.
    (And I wonder if it really shows (as far as tv -comedy-shows can go) how it’s like to be in fat camp.)
    Besides that: Why need the boys to fall in love with the “skinny” blonde? It supports the general crap society is thinking: You need to be skinny (or at least skinnier than the people around you) to be loveable/ be loved.

    PS. Ever seen the UK show “starved”? (

  3. Danielle says:

    I can see the positive aspects of having such a show… but I was offended by the fact that the show had to be set at a FAT CAMP. Why does a show about fat teens have to be set at a place where ultimately- they might get “fixed?” Like the hidden message is that they are where they are supposed to be, and that is the only way it might be watched by the general public?!

    Why couldn’t it have been set in a normal setting (home, high school, etc)?

  4. Kristin says:

    I haven’t seen it so I can’t have a really specific opinion but I will say that the first thing I think when I see the poster is that she is ashamed. Frankly I’m fed up with the only portrayals of fat girls as being insecure, ashamed and desperate for love. I also agree with the criticisms of the setting. We’ll know that people are finally getting it when we see fat characters whose fat is not a plot point. The fat girl I love best right now is Mercedes on Glee, she had all of one episode where she allowed someone else to make her feel shame about her body and then she came to her senses and reclaimed her pride.

    That being said, it is a process. We’ve been having this debate in the queer community for decades. Should we complain about the insulting/demeaning/stereotyped representations of gays and lesbians on screen or should we be grateful there are any gay characters at all? I say it’s both.

    We should appreciate it when there are more images of fat folk on the screen while at the same time pushing the media makers to improve the nature of those images. So, watch it and then go online and make your feelings known. Was there a scene that was hurtful or cliched? Was there a scene that really got it right? With Twitter and Facebook and everything else we have the ability to let the networks know what we think.

  5. larry says:

    nikki is extrememly beautiful she wears the swim suit proud who says big woman cant be sexy nikki is a perfect example of beautiful and sexy big woman congrats on everything you do and will do nikki the huge show is awesome keep it up

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