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Fatshionable Women Featured In French Glamour Magazine

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Ok, I think a miracle has occurred — fat women in a FRENCH magazine?? Read more on Fatshionable!


7 Responses to “Fatshionable Women Featured In French Glamour Magazine”
  1. sIM'One says:

    alright, but what’s it say? translation anyone?

  2. vitty10 says:

    It’s about F*$^#* time. Fat women wear clothes too!

  3. Jen says:

    The description below the title says: “Plus size” women, as they are known in the USA, is not the only word for them anymore. After the rule of the “fashion model” [refers to the skinny types], comes the time for the XXL women to talk about themselves.

    If I were able to read the full article, I could perhaps translate some/most of it. Hope this helps, and it’s a wonderful message they’re spreading!

  4. I was just in Paris to research my new book (I’m the author of “French Women Don’t Sleep Alone,”) and I noticed a generational shift among French women. It seems that the older (say 50 and up) French women are still quite concerned with staying skinny, but the younger French women–especially in their 20’s–seem to be much more accepting of natural and differing body types. There’s definitely a change going on among the younger French gals and so I’m not surprised to see Plus Size models in French Glamour. It’s quite exciting!

  5. WendyRG says:

    I don’t want to start a nuclear war or anything, but Jen’s translation is a bit off:

    Plus size girls, as they are called in the US, aren’t going to shut up. After curvy models, people are now starting to talk about XXL [women] bloggers. Let’s me them.

    (I’ve been a professional translator and interpreter for over 20 years.)

  6. WendyRG says:

    Sorry, the last sentence should read: Let’s meet them.

  7. Meems says:

    Whatever the translation, I’m thrilled to see this – in a French fashion mag, no less.

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