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Miss Lori says Lane Bryant is fitting more than your clothes, they’re fitting the times

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This guest post is from Miss Lori.

For me this is a first. A commercial that celebrates women like me in such a positive, energetic, serotonin surging way that it left me smiling, with some tears of joy as a chaser. Full disclosure, Lane Bryant outfitted me for the Oscars this year. ( I never thought I would ever wear lime green, but I love my coat!)

Truth is, I had kind of shunned Lane Bryant before that. Their clothes never made me feel very good. They didn’t fit my form or my style well. I am a curvy women who wants to look and feel young and vibrant. That wasn’t the vibe I got from Lane Bryant. That was then, this is now. I’m a convert!

Today’s Lane Bryant is not your mother’s Lane Bryant, and their second new commercial proves it. Cover the children’s eyes. This stuff is caliente! Kind of like the perfume commercial with leggy South African actress and Oscar winner Charlize Theron. You know the one where she is walking hard toward the camera stripping. That to me seems too hot for TV. Apparently FOX and ABC disagree. They feel that Lane Bryant’s commercial with a gorgeous curvacious woman preparing for a midday …ahem… “Lunch” is too much for color TV. (This from networks that air programming such as Desperate Housewives, and Dancing with The Stars, as well as commercials for Victoria’s Secret entitled The New Naked.)

Now I don’t know that the phone message with it’s sexual implication was entirely necessary, but hey, it doesn’t really hurt anyone. In fact, it gives a little jolt to a whole community of women who sometimes forget, (especially based on what the media shows them), that they too are hot blooded, sexy individuals. And that’s, as they say in the advertising biz, PRICELESS!



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