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SLIM CHIPS: Flavored Paper Snacks, place your orders now!

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Thanks to our Global network of on the ground reporters (in this case S.A.K), we are first to report the latest, greatest, oddest, saddest, maybe even fake-ist (publicity) snack taking the world by storm! Enjoy flavors, the label reads as follows;

Slim Chips are good and they contain no calories. Instead of getting fat you can now eat paper with different flavors. It’s like eating tasty air. The Slim Chips are made out of edible paper and pure organic tastes.

Designer Hafsteinn Juliusson of Iceland and Italy presented flavored paper snacks in Milan last week as reported by Dezeen Magazine.

Is this for real?

My vote nope based upon:

1) This pic of the “designer”

2) Promo photo of dudes slamming down the paper chips

3) And the fact that they are not for sale (as of yet) online.

But you know what? If they are for real, they will sell. Not a doubt about that. Ok, fess up — you would try ‘em wouldn’t ya?

Me…I’m a sweet potato kind of girl.


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