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WAG: Who the hell is this chick?

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Time for a wild-ass-guess on who is this sad creature is on the left? Not to mention the obviously strained, uncomfortable reporter on the right.

Ok, a few hints:

1) Blonde claims to have the same talent as the King of Pop, with her debut album ready to hit the stores, ironically titled “Superficial” (you can’t make this shit up people!)

2) “Double D is not large enough,” is the message she wishes to send to all the young hopefuls out there. (note taken bimbo queen).

3) Demented in her Christian faith, she chalks up her 10+ plastic surgeries (IN ONE DAY) as happening in “gods time” (what exactly are you smokin’ and can I have some?)

Still can’t guess huh?

Last hint;

4) Her claim to fame is an MTV reality show and “Get me out of here I am a celebrity.” (quite a resume I might add.)

Yep, here she is, the woman who is famous for what exactly is anyones guess. A 23 year old lost girl, who has put her body through 10 excruciating plastic surgeries IN ONE DAY, suffering pain that made her want to die, all because she is attempting to…..what? Be the Queen of Pop? Be dead by 30? Serve the Lord?

Yet another pathetic example of Hollywood brainwashing to the point of no return.

No mercy,



48 Responses to “WAG: Who the hell is this chick?”
  1. Beth says:

    She was cute before! Why change anything? It’s insane!

  2. Bianca says:

    Her surgeon is claiming that she has a lot more than 10 surgeries. What she did to herself makes me so sad. I am not totally anti plastic surgery, but she in no way, shape, or form resembles the who she was a year ago.

  3. mkd says:

    And she looked prettier and interesting in her more natural state. It’s hard to feel sorry for her…

  4. Kat says:

    Actually I dont really see a difference. Well besides the irritation to my eyes. She looks like a real-life-photoshop picture now. Not anybody i would talk to, since she (and this is horribly prejudiced) looks…hollow and plastic.

  5. atchka says:

    Wow, that’s awesome that they were able to give her skin the waxy, plastic look of a Barbie doll that seems to be her inspiration.

    So, God created plastic surgery for what? To fix His/Her mistakes?


  6. CandiceBP says:

    As someone who has had plastic surgery, I always say to each their own . . . but I do worry about the message that this particular timing/type of plastic surgery sends. I may have no love for Heidi at all, but I think she was a fine looking girl before her surgeries.

    And then, on the other hand, I think it’s a waste of time to even talk about her at all, ever.

  7. Sylvia says:

    And from someone who has size F boobs, why in the hell would you pay for them to be that big? DD isn’t good enough? OUCH

  8. Toni says:

    She’s a train wreck…pure and simple.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Now this is one case I agree with you on. Way too extremely, and definitely a bad example. She looks like she belongs at Madame Tusseau’s wax musuem. I doubt you’d be able to tell the difference side by side

  10. hsofia says:

    This woman isn’t off her rocker. She is simply a reflection of the culture she lives in. She is our society’s values staring right back at us – saying, “This is what you say is beautiful.”

  11. Mish says:

    What’s interesting is that she actually looks older.

    I am a Christian and I find it frustrating to have it mocked…and used for this. However, I hope that she’s happy.

  12. Tempe Wick says:

    Her doctor ought to lose his license. No reputable, ethical plastic surgeon would do 10 procedures in one day. Instead, he’ll be booked solid for the next year. She was the cover story on People last week or the week before. They also included an interview with her surgeon. You can’t pay for that kind of exposure and publicity.

    When someone walks into your office and tells you that she wants you to make her look “like an completely different person” that should be a red flag.
    As I understand it, the best candidates for plastic surgery are those who have reasonable and realistic expectations. This girl has neither. She doesn’t need to go back for F cup breasts. She needs to use that money for a therapist.

    • Gina says:

      Totally agree with everything you said, TW.

    • mamaV says:

      Hi Tempe Wick: I wondered about the surgeon. I can NOT believe he/she was not arrested for goodness sake.

      Where is the psychological counciling that needs to accompany these decisions? This woman has literally removed all inherited facial and body features.

      I recall reading a story about one of the girls from the show “The Swan” and her describing how difficult it still is to accept that she looks nothing like her siblings and parents. She said she didn’t realize it prior to the surgery that losing those features would even matter because she was set on being “beautiful.” She regretted her decision, and she said if she could go back in time she would never do the procedures.

      So, so sad. And, you know, I realize she is 23 years old, but where are her parents in this? Wouldn’t you do everything in your power to try and convince your child to not butcher themselves in such a fashion?

      This is so demented, it just scares me.

  13. Lindsay says:

    She went from looking 23 and cute (before ANY surgery) to 35 and fake. ugh!

  14. WOW! Hate Christians much? I’d take your post much more seriously if not for your anti-Christian commentary.
    It’s her body — her face — she can do with it what she will.
    We don’t have to live with her.

    • mamaV says:

      Hi body-in-progress: This isn’t about religon. The reason the Christian comment was relevant is because this woman is constantly throwing God into move she makes, making a mockery of her faith.

      I mean seriously, how can one seriously convince themselves that God is telling them to undergo these physical changes, when isn’t it the case that God made each one of us in his own image? We are all unique. We are all perfect…. but once in a while he says, “ah, what the heck get a boob job.”


      I agree with you, she can do what she want’s with her body and face…. and I can choose to discuss her decisions if the desire strikes me.

      Bottomline: Her holy roller crap is disingenuous.

  15. cggirl says:

    OH MY GOD. This is really horrifying and shocking to me. And I’m not even categorically against plastic surgery or anything, but JEEEEZUS.

  16. Becky says:

    I really really don’t see how criticizing other women’s bodies is the way towards body positivity. No, I don’t want plastic surgery, and I don’t want women to feel like they need plastic surgery to feel beautiful, but it is her absolute right to do so. That is what body positivity should be about – true body sovereignty, and our right to make decisions about our bodies without rebuke or criticism.

    Calling this woman “grotesque”, “pathetic”, and a “bimbo” because of her choices about her body is absolutely not body positive. I didn’t like her show, and I personally thought she was more beautiful before, but my opinion of how this woman looks should not be any judgement on her character.

    I am really personally upset to see any woman called a “sad creature”. If this blog wants to be body positive and pro-woman reducing a woman’s humanity is not the way to do it. I hope you take this comment seriously and consider the true harm done on levying this kind of attack on a woman based on the choices she makes about her body.

    • sarcasticmuppet says:

      This. All women are real women, remember?

      • sarcasticmuppet says:

        That said, the whole thing does make me sad that she thought that she wasn’t good enough as she was and felt that she had to pursue the unattainable ideal, but she’s not exactly special in that regard. Plastic surgery was an alternative she could afford so she took it. How many women, in trying to attain the same ideal, turn to EDs or any number of unhealthy habits?

        The poor woman garners my pity, but not my hatred. That emotion is reserved for the media and pop culture that demanded perfection of her.

      • cggirl says:

        Sarcasticmuppet – I know this is way off topic but I love your screenname!

    • Marlie says:

      I agree entirely, and further more I doubt being criticized and ridiculed is helping her self esteem at all. I could see it fueling her desire to get more done, as in, “They don’t think I look pretty now, but wait till I change some more”.

      I would understand using this as an example of how our society and culture can influence girls, but that doesn’t require negative language or opinions.

      This behavior is feeding into the problem.

    • atchka says:

      Can I play devil’s advocate? What about discouraging people from getting plastic surgery in the first place by say, “Look at how less human she looks now?” Because, to me, she took a perfectly normal, perfectly healthy face and did so much work that she no longer seems human. She seems plastic-y and fake. Maybe it’s just the picture, but it’s not the first time plastic surgery has made people look inhuman.

      It’s not like people are attacking her for her the body she was born with. They’re attacking a voluntary procedure that, general consensus seems to suggest, made her look worse afterward.

      I understand how making fun of her is not body positive, but it seems like stigmatizing plastic surgery could be one way of combating the pursuit of perfection.


      • tom brokaw says:

        Most people think fat people are responsible for making themselves fat. If we then want to discourage people from being fat it would be a valid tactic to disparage them right? I don’t want people to be fat any more than you want them to be “perfect.” (why you want fewer hot women in this world is puzzling, but neither here nor there).

        Thanks though, since this is my outlook anyway. Good to see you are on the same page.

      • Marlie says:

        Yes, and in that same vein people argue that making fun of fat people makes them realize they should lose weight, and prevents others from becoming fat too.

        You can say that it’s different because she chose to alter her body, but I disagree. Those choices were available for her to make, and her body is her own. I don’t object to using her as an example, but it is unfair to have such a singular focus. It smacks of “Look, at the freak.” I don’t think it’s right to stigmatize a practice at an individual’s expense.

        • Atchka! says:

          Yeah, I left myself wide open on the fat thing. But the voluntary aspect is what makes me less sympathetic. To me, it’s like making fun of someone with a mullet. That’s the look they chose and I would never tell them how horrible they look to their face, but when my wife and I are together we’ll most likely make fun of them.

          My feelings are mixed. I think it’s natural to laugh at others’ flaws, but I know what it’s like to be on the receiving end.

          Ah, the joys of schadenfreude.


        • attrice says:


          Also, I don’t see any value in heaping derision on someone who would do this to herself. Whatever negative thing anyone has to say can’t compare to the things she must think about herself. Plus, I don’t think the answer to a woman feeling like she has to have multiple surgeries in order to fit into the ‘attractive’ mold is to point out that she’s even further from perfect now.

          I mean, I’m not a saint. I’ll look at people who’ve had extensive cosmetic surgery and think ‘wow, freaky’. I’m just uncomfortable with trying to rationalize that as any kind of helpful response.

          Not to mention that what becomes stigmatized isn’t plastic surgery, but bad/obvious plastic surgery. How many women held up as examples of ageless beauty and perfection just have better surgeons that Ms Montag? I’m betting a lot more than we think.

          • atchka says:

            In general I agree, but in this particular case (Heidi Montag), I find her such a reprehensible human being anyway (both she and her husband said some very, very, VERY stupid and irresponsible things) that I appreciate this sort of cosmic justice.

            I wasn’t trying to hold up my reason as any kind of rationalization, just playing devil’s advocate.

            And you’re right about good/bad surgery. I guess what I was thinking was that maybe the average woman (who isn’t independently wealthy) would think twice about having surgery when she sees how a woman of means, who can, presumably, afford a good surgeon has turned out.


      • Stacy says:

        there’s nothing really wrong with plastic surgery in my opinion, if you have the ability to change your appearance then why not?

        i dont care if she dyes her skin gold and makes her boobs so big she needs to carry them around in a shopping cart. but its the fact that she IS so shallow on the inside that makes her disgusting.

    • Liz says:

      I agree with Becky. The first thing that stuck out to me when reading this piece was the cattiness and the mean comments made, not necessarily what she did. I don’t necessarily agree with her decision but if you read the article, you can tell she is clearly struggling and could use help. I think you could have written this and framed it a different way which would have not felt so mean spirited.

      As women, we should support women and especially women who seem to have such low self esteems that they go to an extreme like she did. I would expect to read this is on a gossip blog, not on a blog that says they cater to empowering women of all types.

    • S. says:

      THIS, again. To everything.

    • mamaV says:

      Hi Becky: I made snarky remarks in the post because that is how I think and that is how I write. Here’s why;

      As a body image activist, one that focuses on teens, I have found that it is effective to make a mockery out of individuals who make these choices. I believe this is because this attitude tempers the prevailing societal stance that the goal in life is to be pretty, skinny, and brainless.

      I understand why you are put off by this approach, I get it totally (and deep down I absolutely feel sorry for this woman, and I understand she is one lost soul). However, she is choosing to put herself out there in Hollywood, which means she serves as a role model (like it or not), which means she has influence on girls and their attitudes towards themselves and there bodies. So, in this circumstance, I opt to care more about the upcoming generation than this one adult woman who is more than capable of making better choices for herself, but instead flaunts her decisions to the world.

      I just wanted to explain to you where I am coming from to see if you can understand why sometimes, a negative approach can be positive when it comes to this body image madness.


  17. Lizzie says:

    i am shocked by seeing her! (we’re sooo behind in The Hills in the UK – she still looks vaguley normal in the current eps!) oh the poor poor thing! Makes me feel sad! she looks awful!!!!!!! YIKES!

  18. shelly says:


    I watched the hills when it first came on and she was just a cute blonde who I would never really want to be friends with, but wasn’t really turned off watching. But this is bad. Really bad. And if you have watched the hills (no shame admitting when its late, nothing else is on, and I can’t sleep I watch it occassionally) you can tell her mind set has changed. She married a loser and that is the most fucked up relationship (seriously, if I was married to that guy, I would have the lowest self esteem) and then of course, the girl cannot sing, and maybe to make up for that fact (and all the ridicule) she changes how she looks and poses for playboy (I am sure god approved-she claims to be a very devout christian).

    This is obviously a disease- an addiction and should probably be treated as such, yet surgeons don’t care. As long as they make money they could give a crap whether or not you have 10 surgeries in one day. That is rididculous. When a person comes in wanting to totally rearrange their face and body (in one day no less) that should be a huge warning sign, but in hollywood I guess it is normal and that is a tragedy. Instead of getting a new nose, she should have had some therapy.

    I am so against women using their boobies to get ahead. And this is a bold statement for me to make but something I truly believe:there is no other reason for a woman to be sporting obviously enhanced DD breasts other than to get attention (and I am not talking about natural breasts). On the hills in her bikini, it obvious they are fake because they are paired up with her obviously too thin, maybe eating disordered body.

    Young girls (as young as 12-13) watch the hills, see this and some will be looking foward to the day they too can get a totally new face and body (via a surgeon). Makes me glad I don’t have a teenage daughter. I hope I will instill a strong sense of love and acceptance of her body no matter what she looks like, but the call of hollywood, magazines, and media is strong and that makes me really sad.

  19. She used to look so cute, and healthy way back when she first started the hills. Now her face looks like it will crumble or dent if you! She actually looks plastic! Sad.

  20. McLauren84 says:

    This whole story is so absurd. Definitely a case study in the dangerous affects of unconfronted body image ideals.

  21. love2eatinpa says:

    oh good grief! what is girlfriend smoking out there? does she not have any family members who bonked her on the head and tried to stop her? how does one need to go beyond beyond rich, young and beautful? it’s ridiculous and sad at the same time.

  22. Shoshie says:

    Y’know, I try to feel disgusted or horror towards her, but really I just feel pity. The same system that made me a recluse for years has caused her to put herself under the knife. During those years of self-hatred, I honestly considered saving up for plastic surgery. I wanted to get cancer, because then I’d be thinner. The difference is that she actually had the money to realize her destructive thoughts.

    I don’t think it’s helpful to rail against women like her. I prefer to rail against the system of objectification of women– the culture that says you’re not thin enough, your nose is too big, your face is too saggy, even when you’ve got no wrinkles to speak of.

  23. lissa10279 says:

    OMG I had no idea this was Heidi!! WHOA.

  24. Carmel says:

    So sad on so many levels. Probably the saddest part is that for someone with so little body- and self-confidence, there is no way she would be satisfied with herself even now. Just goes to show that even when ‘society’ says we’re already acceptable – as she clearly was – if we don’t like ourselves it makes no difference whatsoever.

    This is body negativity in its purist form.

    • Tempe Wick says:

      What Carmel said. This is just plain sad. I hope she can get the help she needs before she goes any farther down this path.

    • Tempe Wick says:

      What Carmel said. This is just plain sad and pitiful. I hope she can get the help she needs before she goes any farther down this path.

  25. Sylvia says:

    I know it’s extreme, but I know I’m not the only one who thinks she did this for the publicity and ONLY the publicity. Her and her flesh-bearded husband are notorious for doing whatever they can to remain in the tabloids and talked about. They are fame-whores to the highest extent. And now she has an album coming out, why wouldn’t she do something like this?

    I don’t doubt that she has severe confidence issues, which explains her actions besides the drastic surgeries and her relationship with her ‘husband’. The fact that she’s married to him and he probably drove her to the hospital shows how messed up they both are.

    And they’ll never be happy.

  26. Averna says:

    I wonder if she could ever take it back. Once you have plastic surgery, if you don’t like it, can you go back to what you looked like before?

    I mean, I wonder if she’s looking at herself in the mirror and thinking…. well…. shit.

    I don’t know. If she CAN’T go back to what she looked like before (which I doubt she can, right?), that just makes me want to cry.

    Then again, maybe she’s looking at herself in the mirror thinking “hey, I look better than I did before”

    ./mind boggle

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